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Sermon Outlines

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Good Samaritan

Scripture: Luke 10:25-37
Jesus gives us the moral of the parable when he tells us to do good to anyone in need. But He also packs the parable with Divine thoughts […]

What to Do When You Are Exhausted

Scripture: Luke 10:29-37
The Parable of the Good Samaritan tells us of a man who had fallen among thieves and had been greatly hurt. The misery inflicted by these wicked men […]

The Difference Between Clean and Whole

Scripture: Luke 17:11-19
If you look into the original Greek you will find that the word “whole” had everything to do with a saved condition and not just a condition of […]

The Power of a Personal Testimony

Scripture: John 4:3-30
People can argue with theories, and speculation, but people cannot argue with an experience.

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