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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Oneness of God

Scripture: Colossians 2:6-9
Simply put, the God of the Old Testament became the Savior of the New Testament.
Topics: The Godhead

What Think Ye of Christ?

Scripture: John 1:15-15
The question, “What think ye of Christ?”, presents a dilemma to any thinking person. If Jesus Christ was not all that He claimed to be, He was the […]
Topics: The Godhead

Jesus, the Voice, and the Dove

Scripture: Matthew 3:16-17
This lesson gives us clarity on the meaning of Jesus, the voice, and the dove. The baptism of Christ does not indicate a plurality in the Godhead. The […]

In the Beginning was the Word

Scripture: John 1:1-1
This passage is foundational to understanding the relationship between Jesus and God. Before we look at places where we see a distinction made, such as in the Upper […]
Topics: The Godhead

The Glorification of the Son

Scripture: John 17:5-5
To understand this passage, we must recognize that Jesus prayed as a man. The prayers of Christ stem from His humanity, and any time we seek to interpret […]
Topics: The Godhead

The Ministry Of The Mundane

Scripture: Colossians 4:7-18
In this sermon The Ministry Of The Mundane,  Whatever our calling, or ability, let us be faithful to the Lord! “Take heed to the ministry which you have […]

The Significance Of God's Name

Scripture: Genesis 17:5-5
In Bible days, a name was usually chosen for its meaning. The Old Testament records many instances in which the name given to a child related to the […]
Topics: The Godhead

In The Name Of Jesus - People Of The Name,

Scripture: Acts 15:14-14
In the Old Testament God established a covenant with the nation of Israel.  If they would serve Him, He promised to establish them, make them a holy people, […]
Topics: The Godhead

Just One Name

Scripture: Acts 4:12-12
Every religion of the world is willing to admit that Jesus was a good teacher and a great man, but Jesus claimed to be ALMIGHTY GOD!
Topics: The Godhead

The One True God

Scripture: John 4:24-24
Much confusion exists in the minds of men as to who God is,because of His divers manifestation unto men.
Topics: The Godhead

The Mystery Of God

Scripture: Luke 10:22-22
Can it be said that Jesus is revealing the Father to those ungodly Moslems who lookupon his sacrificial death with unspeakable hatred ?
Topics: The Godhead


Scripture: Daniel 12:1-4
In the passage we read about the hand of ONE who sat on the throne. The book with seven seals reveals world event in the time of the […]

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