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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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The Book With All the Answers

Scripture: Romans 10:9-17
In this sermon The Book With All The Answers, the Word of God teaches us to trust the Lord at all times. The more we become students of God’s […]

Is there a Name on the Tombstone of your “Old Man”?

Scripture: Romans 6:4-4
In this lesson Is there a Name on the Tombstone of your Old Man, we learn about burial in baptism. The Bible provides instructions for handling a sinner […]

Using the Road Map

Scripture: Acts 17:11-12
In this sermon, Using the Road Map, The Word of God is a guide. A road map on the road of life. It’s been given to us to […]

I Have A White Stone

Scripture: Revelation 2:17-17
God’s giving us the white stone – we’re not guilty!

There's More To This Than Just Eating Food

Scripture: Matthew 4:1-4
In this sermon There’s More To This Than Just Eating Food, we learn God only responds to FAITH. Salvation depends upon OUR FAITH in what Jesus did in […]

From Obscurity To Valour

Scripture: Judges 6:11-12
In this sermon From Obscurity To Valour, you can be restored. Imagine the people of Israel with their history of the miraculous proofs that attested the fact that […]

When Your Blessing Catches Up To You

Scripture: Psalms 23:6-6
There is a principle in the Bible concerning blessings that we need to take a closer look at. When Your Blessing Catches Up To You, we learn there is […]

Mighty In The Scriptures

Scripture: Acts 18:24-25
In this sermon Mighty In The Scriptures, Acts Chapter 18 opens with an interesting testimony of a man called Apollos. In the opening verses we read of a […]

Accurately Handling God’s Word

Scripture: Acts 8:30-30
In this lesson Accurately Handling God’s Word,  everyone needs to understand the Bible. God’s Word is accessible in thousands of languages so we can read and comprehend it […]

The Bible Time Line

Scripture: John 8:14-14
This is a short presentation to encourage further study on details concerning the importance of the Bible Time Line. Consider it an overview to assist in removing the […]

The Heart of the Matter - Alternate Handout

Scripture: Proverbs 4:23-23
The Heart of the Matter – Alternate Handout is used as a study guide for this lesson. What is the condition of your heart? That will be determined […]

God Is A Blessing God

Scripture: Genesis 12:1-3
It is impossible to read the Bible and not understand that God has a desire to bless His people. He wants to bless every one of us. We […]

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