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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Breaking Strongholds With the Right Atmosphere

Scripture: Ephesians 2:2-2
This lesson teaches us about Breaking Strongholds With the Right Atmosphere. We need to remember that God does not measure time as we do. It is impossible for […]

Find Your Axe

Scripture: 2 Kings 6:1-4
In this sermon Find Your Axe, the tree has little to fear from an axe head that’s been separate from its handle. The axe handle can do very […]

Crying for Deliverance

Scripture: Exodus 2:23-25
In this sermon Crying for Deliverance, The first step to being delivered is to desire God’s power to be released in your situation. If you are in need […]

Building Garrisons

Scripture: 1 Chronicles 18:6-13
As God gives us victory within our lives we must secure them. We must fortify our life with garrisons filled with God’s army of angels to fight on […]

We Pursue Only What Has Possessed Us

Scripture: 1 Samuel 23:14-14
There is a relationship which makes life complete. Without that relationship, there is a void, a vacuum in life. Many people, even those who are well-known, can attest […]
Topics: Strongholds

Battle Strategies for the Last Days

Scripture: Luke 14:31-31
The attacks at the time of the end. Attacks from seducing spirits (1 Timothy 4:1) — Seducing spirit is not just a lustful spirit but a spirit to […]

The Folly of Atheism

Scripture: Psalms 14:1-7
If man can philosophize God out of their lives, they are no longer accountable for their actions.
Topics: Sin, Strongholds

The Sleep Of Death

Scripture: Psalms 13:3-3
In this sermon The Sleep Of Death,  we look into the scriptures and find The Four Stages of Spiritual Sleepiness.

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