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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Appreciating Jesus' Sacrifice

Scripture: Acts 8:5-38
In this sermon Appreciating Jesus’ Sacrifice, Jesus Christ died for us. His death is what baptism puts us into. His death is associated with baptism.  We were saved […]

God's Gifts Are Forever

Scripture: Leviticus 25:8-10
How many of you once had a blessing from God, but lost it due to spiritual poverty? You had the joy of the Lord, or the dance in […]

All The Way... Past Our Abilities

Scripture: Matthew 19:1-30
In this sermon All The Way… Past Our Abilities, Do not listen to what people tell you when they say that you can save yourself. Nobody can teach […]

Speaking In Tongues And How To Receive The Holy Ghost

Scripture: Galatians 4:6-6
This sermon Speaking In Tongues And How To Receive The Holy Ghost, teaches what speaking in tongues is. The Baptism of the Holy Ghost is for everybody! Never […]

The Supernatural Church

Scripture: Acts 4:29-30
The church in the Book of Acts was a Supernatural Church. Things happened that went beyond the natural or the normal. Miracles were a way of life. Signs […]

The Word Twins

Scripture: Acts 4:20-20
Twins usually have a special bond that makes them closer than ordinary brothers and sisters. Twins often confuse people and make it difficult to tell them apart. When […]

Using Spiritual Gifts You Can Go for it

Scripture: Acts 4:29-31
In the Word of God the church is often compared to the natural body. We are the “Body of Christ.” Gifts are as essential to the Body of […]

Power Tools Of The Apostolic Church

Scripture: Acts 4:33-33
In Acts 3 the Gifts of the Spirit are in operation in the lives of men of God. Once Peter received power (through the baptism of the Holy […]

Profile Of A Leader From The Book Of Acts

Scripture: Acts 18:21-21
In this lesson Profile Of A Leader From The Book Of Acts, leadership can be defined as influence.  A spiritual leader should know, spiritual condition, and direction of […]

Spying into the Spirit World

Scripture: Acts 16:16-18
In this sermon Spying into the Spirit World, The “Discerning of Spirits” gives us a glimpse into the spirit world. It gives us understanding of both the bad […]

Look At Us! Ministering With Boldness

Scripture: Acts 3:4-4
In this lesson, Look At Us! Ministering With Boldness, we learn, at Pentecost, Peter stood up in boldness to proclaim what was taking place. What a difference this […]

The God Of Action Says

Scripture: Acts 2:17-17
In this lesson, we learn what The God of Actions Says. When we say we believe, we mean “we have faith in; a mental persuasion of; and confidence […]

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