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Keep Your Hands Out Of The Cookie Jar!

Scripture: Ephesians 5:1-7
A little boy’s mother had just baked a fresh batch of cookies and placed them in the cookie jar, giving instructions that no one touch them until after […]

The Cost Of Trusting In Natural Power

Scripture: 1 Chronicles 21:1-3
This morning we talked about ABRAHAM ON MORIAH and showed how he expected God to intervene with miracles in his walk for the Lord. People who WORRY do […]

Appreciating Jesus' Sacrifice

Scripture: Acts 8:5-38
In this sermon Appreciating Jesus’ Sacrifice, Jesus Christ died for us. His death is what baptism puts us into. His death is associated with baptism.  We were saved […]

When We Become Passovers

Scripture: Exodus 12:12-14
In this lesson, When We Become Passovers, We know that Jesus is our Passover. People need to know God is mighty. He is mighty whether they know it […]

Two Reactions In A World Of Sin

Scripture: Genesis 3:6-8
In this lesson, Two Reactions in a World of Sin, if someone has real faith and insight from God, they know what is not acceptable as well as […]
Topics: Fear, Sacrifice, Sin

After The Bread and Wine

Scripture: Genesis 14:18-24
In this sermon After The Bread and Wine, points to the breaking of the body of Christ and shedding of His blood in death. The bread and wine […]
Topics: Faith, Sacrifice

Jesus, The More Excellent Sacrifice

Scripture: Genesis 31:6-8
In this sermon Jesus, The More Excellent Sacrifice, Adam and Eve sinned. And they proceeded to try and deal with it in their own ingenuity. They “covered up”. […]
Topics: Faith, Sacrifice

Why Do We Still Eat The Forbidden Fruit?

Scripture: Numbers 19:13-13
In this sermon Why Do We Still Eat The Forbidden Fruit, sacrifice is indeed commanded by God. But your sacrifice is sickening to Him if you do not […]

Lesson 2: Confidence to Enter and Enjoy the Fullness of Christ

Scripture: Revelation 22:10-4
Lesson 2: Confidence to Enter and Enjoy the Fullness of Christ, is one of two lesson in this series. Jesus said we’ll not only have our own thirst […]

Trading The Superficial For The Substantial

Scripture: Genesis 43:1-2
In this sermon Trading The Superficial For The Substantial, Are we going to trade the superficial for the substantial? Is this a church that is going to live […]


Scripture: 2 Samuel 6:8-8
In this lesson, The Eternal Blessing of The Great High Priest, the blessing remains valid throughout the NT dispensation. The great High Priest has ascended into heaven to […]

For The Sake Of One

Scripture: Romans 5:6-11
In this sermon For The Sake Of One, there is one who is greater than any man who has ever graced the pages of human history. One who […]

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