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Sermon Outlines

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Blameless in Christ

Scripture: Matthew 12:1-2
Jesus spoke of the Sabbath to the Pharisees. They condemned Him because His disciples plucked corn on the Sabbath. Jesus explained that David ate of the showbread in […]
Topics: Sacrifice

The Inconvenience Of Being A Christian

Scripture: Romans 6:15-18
The Inconvenience of Being a Christian. Have you ever thought of all the things you could do if you weren’t a Christian? Don’t you wish that there was […]

Let’s Build a Church

Scripture: Proverbs 13:22-22
I can think of no greater inheritance to leave my children’s children than the Church.

What Are You Willing To Surrender To God?

Scripture: Exodus 4:1-20
Even though what we have seems small, weak, and insignificant, this is on purpose, because God has designed it so that what we have must be connected to […]

Who Has The Final Say?

Scripture: Psalms 119:89-94
In this sermon Who Has The Final Say, Everything God told Moses was written his heart. Moses was chosen by the Lord to lead them to the promise […]

Are You Truly Converted

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:18-18
Unless you are willing to die out to all the world and follow God bear your cross we will not enter into the Kingdom of God.

All Gave Some but Some Gave All

Scripture: Mark 12:41-44
In this sermon All Gave Some but Some Gave All, real giving is measured by how much someone has left. Not by how much a person gives. Jesus […]
Topics: Giving, Love, Sacrifice

Abraham's Altars - Handout

Scripture: James 2:23-23
Abraham’s Altars – Handout is used as a study guide for our lesson. We learn about Abraham’s Altars. Abraham trusted and relied on God. He also conformed and […]

It’s Time To Return To Your Apostolic Roots

Scripture: 1 Kings 18:18-21
In this lesson, It’s Time To Return To Your Apostolic Roots, we learn about Elijah’s days. The altar was torn down there were no longer any tears and Baal […]

There Is A King In You

Scripture: 1 Samuel 16:1-5
In this sermon, We learn that we have been chosen. We have been called out as kings and priests.  The Bible says that you are of royal blood. […]

Keep Your Hands Out Of The Cookie Jar!

Scripture: Ephesians 5:1-7
A little boy’s mother had just baked a fresh batch of cookies and placed them in the cookie jar, giving instructions that no one touch them until after […]

The Cost Of Trusting In Natural Power

Scripture: 1 Chronicles 21:1-3
This morning we talked about ABRAHAM ON MORIAH and showed how he expected God to intervene with miracles in his walk for the Lord. People who WORRY do […]

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