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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Take Heed How You Hear

Scripture: 2:1-4
In this lesson, Take Heed How You Hear, we learn of a command in this scripture. That we should take great care and caution as to what we […]

When God Connects With the Dead!

Scripture: Luke 1:24-24
In this lesson we talk about When God Connects With the Dead. We say God uses ordinary people but they generally have unusual ways. Extra ordinary ways. The […]

The Voices of Three Messengers

Scripture: Mark 6:21-24
The enemy wants to silence the church. He realizes one of the most powerful tools of victory is your voice. This sermon The Voices of Three Messengers, we […]
Topics: Preaching, Satan

The World's Greatest Preacher

Scripture: Acts 24:16-16
The World’s Greatest Preacher is named Conscience. I am not sure where he is from because his parts are unknown but he goes with us every day of […]
Topics: Preaching

The Book of Acts—Life In the Spirit

Scripture: Acts 1:1-3
Acts – Life in the Spirit is a verse by verse 20 lesson analysis of the book of Acts.  What principles led the Early New Testament Church into […]

A Priest With Urim And Thummim

Scripture: Exodus 28:29-30
Urim and Thummin means light and perfection. This message on A Priest With Urim And Thummim, tells us to make yourself available for teaching and preaching and for the […]

Preventing Truth Decay

Scripture: Acts 2:42-42
In this sermon Preventing Truth Decay “Decay” refers to slowly but surely losing original form, quality, value, or strength. Truth-preaching has never been popular but it has eternal […]

Listening to the Voice of God

Scripture: Acts 20:27-27
What comes to mind when you think of pastors, evangelists and Bible teachers? These are people who preach and teach the Word of God. This sermon on Listening […]
Topics: Preaching

Listening to the Word Of God

Scripture: Acts 10:33-33
In this lesson we discuss, Listening to the Word of God. Every preacher yearns for people to come to church anxious to hear a message from God’s anointed […]

Handle With Care

Scripture: Acts 20:28-28
A preacher is a spiritual father looking after the needs of his family. He distributes to the church as it has need. He rightfully and skillfully teaches God’s […]
Topics: Preaching

Accurately Handling God’s Word

Scripture: Acts 8:30-30
In this lesson Accurately Handling God’s Word,  everyone needs to understand the Bible. God’s Word is accessible in thousands of languages so we can read and comprehend it […]

The Seven Deadly Siphons

In this lesson, The Seven Deadly Siphons, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons Pastors lose enthusiasm in the church. Loss of spiritual passion seems to […]

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