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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Are You Still Marching

Scripture: Joshua 6:3-5
In this sermon Are You Still Marching, we learn not every wall falls down the first day you march around it. You have to keep marching! It takes […]
Topics: Faith, Prayer, Victory

Is There Not A Cause

Scripture: 1 Samuel 17:3-29
We are all worried about what other people think. In this sermon Is There Not A Cause, we learn that God will honor your fasting. It doesn’t matter […]

Our Tent Has Been Stolen

Scripture: Isaiah 30:1-1
Our Tent Has Been Stolen! It’s often been said that there are times we can’t see the forest for the trees. We overlook the obvious so often. The […]
Topics: Fasting, Prayer

Your Praise Will Never Replace Your Prayer

Scripture: Psalms 29:2-2
In this sermon Your Praise Will Never Replace Your Prayer, There are some things that prayer can do that praise cannot do (and vice versa). Prayer and praise […]
Topics: Prayer

Why The Devil Fears Your Prayer

Scripture: Matthew 11:12-12
In this sermon, we find Why The Devil Fears Your Prayer. In this world, Satan is trying to construct things that are totally out of line with God’s […]
Topics: Prayer

When Your First Choice Is God’s Second Choice

Scripture: Acts 16:7-8
When Your First Choice Is God’s Second Choice, The lesson of life is that there are times things are withheld from us for our own good. God closes […]

Five Reasons We Cannot Make It Without Prayer

Scripture: Ephesians 6:18-19
There is no replacement for prayer. Church attendance, praise, singing, working for the church, giving can never replace your prayer. There are things that God wants to give […]
Topics: Prayer

Let Us Pray for Boldness

Scripture: Acts 4:29-31
In this sermon Let Us Pray for Boldness, When the apostles and leaders of the New Testament church came face-to-face with life threatening trouble, they did not run, […]
Topics: Prayer

Leadership Praying

Scripture: Acts 3:1-1
In this sermon titled Leadership Praying, we discover that Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less. As Christian leaders we are in the business of influencing men toward […]
Topics: Prayer

Change: Let It Begin with Me

Scripture: Acts 9:6-6
In this sermon Change: Let It Begin with Me, what would you like to accomplish in your lifetime? What are you doing today to make it happen? In […]
Topics: Evangelism, Prayer

Building Spiritual Muscles the Secret Way

Scripture: Acts 10:30-31
In this lesson, we discuss, Building Spiritual Muscled the Secret Way. Scripture teaches three spiritual disciplines that should be done in secret. God rewards these openly. They are; […]
Topics: Fasting, Giving, Prayer

Building A Prayer Memorial

Scripture: Acts 10:4-4
In this sermon Building A Prayer Memorial, The subject of “prayer” has been addressed in other levels of Acts. Certain things are repeated for our protection. They are […]

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