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Time To Sacrifice The Queen

Scripture: Genesis 26:1-1
In this sermon Time To Sacrifice The Queen, There are times in life when the most important thing to do is to sacrifice your queen. More often than […]
Topics: Hope, Patience

Bits, Bridles and Wild Horses

Scripture: James 3:3-3
In this sermon Bits, Bridles and Wild Horses, Sometimes within our fleshly natures there is the strong tendency to want to assert and push our way through life. […]
Topics: Joy, Love, Patience

Mobile Prisons

Scripture: Numbers 11:1-6
In this sermon Mobile Prisons, we identify two types of prisons relative to spatial relationships. One is fixed and you can visit and leave or just pass by. […]

A Closer Look At Paul

Scripture: Acts 22:3-3
In this lesson, we take A Closer Look at Paul. Paul was the second most noteworthy figure in the history of Christianity next to Jesus. He is acclaimed […]

Fundamentals Of Spiritual Growth

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 3:6-6
Between the planting and the increase there is one factor that we must consider: patience. Anything that God does for us of eternal value requires patience.

Our Trials: Five Keys for Victory

Scripture: James 1:2-4
God builds us up the same way a runner gradually develops the ability to run long distances. The runner starts small and works up to his maximum capacity. […]

The Patmos Principle

Scripture: Revelation 1:9-10
In this sermon The Patmos Principle, why in the elective purposes of the Kingdom, does God allow persecution among his people?  We learn of three reasons why this occurs. […]

Flowchart For Christian Living

Scripture: James 1:22-22
Great Chart showing Christian progression.

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