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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Brokenness Brings Breakthrough

Scripture: Psalms 34:18-18
In this lesson we learn, Brokenness Brings Breakthrough. There are places God wants to bring us to, but the price of admission is brokenness. We can’t get to […]

The Sins of Summer

Scripture: Mark 6:31-31
In this sermon The Sins of Summer, are the things that let us know that we are allowing this world to overcome us. Such actions will rob God […]

The Dangers Of Liberty

Scripture: John 8:31-36
In this sermon The Dangers Of Liberty,  we often think when God sets us free from sin, we can do whatever we want. However, that is not the […]

Hope For The Downcast Soul

Scripture: Psalms 42:1-11
In this sermon Hope for the Downcast Soul, we learn God has not changed! His purpose for us has not changed! He has led me to uplifting victories in […]
Topics: Hope, Oppression

The Privilege Of Pentecost

Scripture: Isaiah 33:15-17
Often times we can view our religion as more of a burden than a privilege. In this lesson: The Privilege Of Pentecost, we grasp that you are not […]

The Un-persecuted Church

Scripture: Matthew 5:10-13
In this sermon The Un-persecuted Church, we look at persecution as people not being in agreement with our doctrine, or the way we dress and our holiness standards […]
Topics: Oppression

For A Very Little While

Scripture: Isaiah 10:24-27
In this sermon For A Very Little While, Isaiah is speaking a word from the Lord to the children of Israel. God had allowed Assyria to destroy Israel […]

We Have A Refuge!

Scripture: Psalms 142:3-5
In this sermon We Have A Refuge, Whether we are oppressed, depressed, distressed or in trouble, we can put our trust in the Lord with the confidence that […]

The Spirit of Obsession, Oppression, Possession

Scripture: 2 Samuel 13:1-16
In this sermon The Spirit of Obsession, Oppression, Possession, The devil’s devices include oppression, obsession & possession. Judas exemplified all 3: obsessed with money, possessed by satan, & […]

The Authority of the Name

Scripture: Exodus 3:1-14
In this sermon The Authority of the Name, God said, I’ve seen your oppression, I’ve heard your cry, and now I am going to deliver you. I believe […]

What Can Separate Me?

Scripture: Romans 8:35-39
In this sermon What Can Separate Me, We need a revelation of God’s Love toward us! It was that love that drew us to him! Satan is involved […]

It's Time To Look Again

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 4:1-1
In this sermon It’s Time To Look Again, we learn Christianity is spreading significantly in underdeveloped countries. It poses a threat to the totalitarian regimes.  Consequently, the rulers […]
Topics: Oppression

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