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The Stipulation And The Promise

Scripture: Luke 10:18-20
The guilt for what happens in this world is not that God hasn’t provided for us; but we, that are supposed to be the functional body of Christ, […]

First, Believe That He Is

Scripture: Romans 10:8-21
In this sermon First, Believe That He Is, Faith is the foundation of the Christian experience. By it we can access righteousness and salvation. The key to salvation […]

Not What You Thought

Scripture: 2 Kings 5:1-8
It wasn’t the waters that cleansed Naaman. It was his obedience to the Word of God.

Right Here Is The House Of God And Right Now Is The Gate Of Heaven

Scripture: James 2:19-20
‘Right Here is the House of God and Right Now is the Gate of Heaven’ is the message that every dad needs to hear at least once in […]
Topics: Family, Obedience

Building For Life

Scripture: Matthew 7:24-27
The foundation of a person’s life is OBEDIENCE to the Word of God. Disobedience in a person’s life is like foolishly building a house without a foundation.

Building For Life - Handout

Scripture: Isaiah 59:19-19
The foundation of a person’s life is OBEDIENCE to the Word of God. Disobedience in a person’s life is like foolishly building a house without a foundation.

That's Mine!

Scripture: Psalms 50:10-10
That’s mine! Can you prove it? Do you have a receipt? Can you describe it in detail? Is there any other evidence to prove that you are the […]
Topics: Obedience, Sin

Don’t Let Your House Fall

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 3:9-20
You can do many big, important, impressive, and admirable things. But eventually, a storm will come along which will bring it all tumbling down.
Topics: Obedience, Wisdom

Small Stuff

Scripture: Song of Solomon 2:15-15
But if we become faithful in just this small stuff, the Lord will give us something greater.
Topics: Faith, Obedience

30 By 50

Scripture: Genesis 6:14-15
In this sermon we find the story of Noah and how the Ark held back the storm. We want to create this same Ark of protection around our […]
Topics: Obedience

Are You Willing To Pour It Out?

Scripture: Matthew 6:24-25
When you pour all of your life out to God, you will see that He will fill it back up and you will never run dry.

Just Do It!

Scripture: John 2:1-11
Too often we hear God speak to us, but then we soon dismiss what He says to us as too trivial to be God or too complex to […]
Topics: Obedience
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