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Those Whom God Protects

Scripture: Genesis 3:24-24
Cherubims in the Bible indicated a covering of protection and guardianship. They were first mentioned in guarding the way of the tree of life from sinful humanity at […]

Accepted And Brought Back Into Power

Scripture: 1 Samuel 5:1-1
The journeys of the Ark of the Covenant tell the entire Gospel and give us insight as to what the Gospel accomplished for humanity. We will study the […]

In The Presence Of The One Who Dwells In The Holiest Of Holies

Scripture: Revelation 21:2-2
Recently God revealed to us that the New Jerusalem is the true CHURCH. When I say CHURCH, I do not mean a holy building made by hands, because […]
Topics: Mercy, Temple

Three Days At The First And The Last

Scripture: Exodus 5:1-3
It is quite noteworthy that the beginning of the Exodus journey out of Egypt began with the reference to a three day time period, and so did the […]

Run To Win- Handout

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 9:24-24

I’ve Got You Covered

Scripture: Luke 15:11-32
In other words you didn’t do anything to deserve the righteousness that God gave you. But God imputed it to you anyway.
Topics: Mercy

Why Do You Smite Me Now?

Scripture: Hebrews 6:1-6
I do not wish to direct anyone into a place of condemnation and hand them over to Satan, but I do want you to realize one important part […]
Topics: Mercy

Too Big For God

Scripture: Mark 10:13-15
Remember when you first came to God compelled by the Holy Ghost? You were found in sin and conceived by grace and mercy. Remember your first breath of […]
Topics: Mercy, Redemption

God Sees the Good in You

Scripture: Psalms 144:1-1
In a cemetery, a little white stone marked the grave of a dear little girl, and on the stone were chiseled these words—”A child of who her playmates […]
Topics: Mercy

Corn In Egypt

Scripture: Genesis 42:1-2
In this sermon Corn In Egypt, God wants tp give us the demonstration of the gifts. God in His wisdom made the outward world in a way that […]
Topics: Faith, Mercy

If You Do What is Right

Scripture: Psalms 18:20-20
In this sermon If You Do What is Right, We read of God’s delivering mercy towards His servant David. Saul treated him like dirt. He deserved much better, […]
Topics: Deliverance, Mercy

Just Keep Walking - Sermon on Mercy and Grace

Scripture: Genesis 5:21-24
The Bible tells us, Noah and Enoch found the mercy and grace of God, not because they did any great thing, or were heavenly superstars, but the Bible […]
Topics: Grace, Mercy

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