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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Stories Of The Stones

Scripture: Matthew 3:9-9
In this lesson, Stories of the Stones, this passage has often been misinterpreted. That, should the people hold their peace, then the Lord would cause the very stones […]
Topics: Memorials

Build a Memorial

Scripture: Exodus 12:12-14
In this sermon Build a Memorial, Memorial Day is a public legal holiday in the United States of America and among its armed forces worldwide. It is for […]
Topics: Memorials

Biblical Memorials

Scripture: 2 Peter 1:12-13
In this sermon Biblical Memorials, Memorials help us remember. Time spent together and memories deepens relationship. Loss of memory makes you “strangers”. Destroys faith. Trust is based on […]
Topics: Memorials

Rite Of Passage Into All Power

Scripture: Joshua 4:3-3
In this sermon Rite Of Passage Into All Power, Paul said He could do “ALL” things THROUGH CHRIST. That implies ALL POWER! And Christ’s death is LIKE A […]

Removing Lifestyle Foundations That Hinder God

Scripture: Joshua 4:1-3
In this sermon Removing Lifestyle Foundations That Hinder God, Rend your hearts, and take out the things you stand upon that are wrong. Bad foundations in your heart […]
Topics: Memorials

If These Rocks Could Preach

Scripture: Joshua 4:1-9
In this sermon If These Rocks Could Preach, All of us are building memorials in one way or another. Consider this idea with me. The size of the […]
Topics: Memorials

Sermons In Stone

Scripture: Joshua 4:1-9
In this lesson Sermons In Stone, we can never forget the memorials that have been built. There are a lot of things being tossed aside in this generation. […]

Building A Prayer Memorial

Scripture: Acts 10:4-4
In this sermon Building A Prayer Memorial, The subject of “prayer” has been addressed in other levels of Acts. Certain things are repeated for our protection. They are […]

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