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Sermon Outlines

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Jesus Multiplied Through Our Breaking

Scripture: Matthew 15:29-39
In this lesson, Jesus Multiplied Through Our Breaking, we learn,  becoming a leader in the Kingdom of God requires you to be broken. If you are complaining about […]
Topics: Leadership, Trials

God Is With You In Your Battle, But As Leader

Scripture: Joshua 5:13-15
In this sermon God Is With You In Your Battle, But As Leader, we read about Joshua. Joshua was surveying the enemy territory of Jericho before a battle […]

Preacher, What Shall You Do?

Scripture: Acts 9:6-6
In this lesson, Preacher, What Shall You Do?, we will look at some of the actions of the early preachers (and believers). The Word of God will speak […]
Topics: Leadership

The Man with the Plan The Key Man Plan

Scripture: Acts 20:4-4
In this lesson, we learn about The Man With The Plan The Key Man Plan. It is impossible to accomplish the Great Commission of taking the “Whole Gospel […]
Topics: Leadership

The Ingredients of Leaders

Scripture: Acts 4:13-13
In this lesson, The Ingredients of Leaders, it is time for leaders in developing nations of the world,  to stand up and take their place in leadership. Even […]
Topics: Leadership

Profile Of A Leader From The Book Of Acts

Scripture: Acts 18:21-21
In this lesson Profile Of A Leader From The Book Of Acts, leadership can be defined as influence.  A spiritual leader should know, spiritual condition, and direction of […]

The Preacher’s Priorities

Scripture: Acts 6:4-4
In this sermon, we discuss The Preacher’s Priorities. We may not like to think about priorities but it is a must if we hope to succeed in the […]

The Principle of Shared Leadership

Scripture: Acts 6:2-2
In this lesson, we learn about The Principle of Shared Leadership. Acts 6 is a great place to begin a discussion of church government. When we understand church […]
Topics: Leadership

Look At Us! Ministering With Boldness

Scripture: Acts 3:4-4
In this lesson, Look At Us! Ministering With Boldness, we learn, at Pentecost, Peter stood up in boldness to proclaim what was taking place. What a difference this […]

Mentoring: The Ministry of Multiplication

Scripture: Acts 9:26-27
In this lesson we learn about Mentoring: The Ministry of Multiplication. Mentoring is a relationship between two people, the mentor and the one being mentored. A mentor is someone […]
Topics: Leadership

Dont Look At Us!

Scripture: Acts 3:12-12
In this lesson, Don’t Look At Us, I believe that the first test of a truly great man is his humility. More miracles would happen if more men […]
Topics: Leadership

Deacons in Today’s Church Assistants in Church Growth

Scripture: Acts 6:3-3
In this lesson: Deacons in Today’s Church Assistants in Church Growth. Deacons can be instrumental and helpful in relieving the pastor of many responsibilities in running a church. […]

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