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Sermon Outlines

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Servant Leadership

Scripture: John 13:1-7
In this lesson we learn about Servant Leadership. Servant Leadership is not the norm in our world. It all starts with a clear understanding of who this is […]

A Voice In The Wilderness

Scripture: Luke 2:10-10
In this lesson we learn about A Voice In The Wilderness. Every believer who is traveling through the wilderness of life needs to be reminded that God is […]

The Ministry of Love

Scripture: John 19:38-38
In this lesson, we learn about The Ministry of Love. Love is not needed, so much, when everything is going well or when we are prospering. Love is […]

God in Chaos

Scripture: 1 John 45:18-18
In this sermon God in Chaos, If you are looking for God to move, or a miracle in your life, you probably don’t need to look for one […]

Just Say The Word

Scripture: 1 John 8:8-8
In this sermon Just Say The Word, Regardless of our political affiliation. Regardless of our denomination. Regardless of the differences between us. Are our words acceptable to Him? […]

Surrounded By God

Scripture: 1 John 12:5-7
The world feels surrounded by the Corona Virus and they are full of anxiety and fear. We need to understand that God has us surrounded by his Spirit.” […]

An Egyptian In Midian

Scripture: Exodus 2:10-19
In this lesson, we learn about An Egyptian in Midian. Four hundred years have passed since Joseph brought his brothers into the land of Egypt to save them […]
Topics: Leadership

The Gorilla In The Room

Scripture: Luke 10:26-26
Some people are so busy following the rules that they don’t see it. The Gorilla in the Room. Let’s start small, Let’s stop to change the tire of […]

Your Ship Has Come In

Scripture: Matthew 4:18-25
In this sermon Your Ship Has Come In, something better than what you have right now has come along. The ship can refer to opportunity, material wealth, and […]

Do You Know the Most Dangerous Person in Your Church?

Scripture: Titus 1:5-5
Do You Know the Most Dangerous Person in Your Church? The most dangerous person at your church is the apparently smart guy who is un-teachable. Meaning that he […]

What Do You Do With 185,000 Assyrians Breathing Down Your Neck

Scripture: 2 Kings 19:1-3
What Do You Do With 185,000 Assyrians Breathing Down Your Neck?  Like Jehoshaphat, Hezekiah removed the high places. High places were places where the pagans worshipped their false […]
Topics: Leadership

Jesus Multiplied Through Our Breaking

Scripture: Matthew 15:29-39
In this lesson, Jesus Multiplied Through Our Breaking, we learn,  becoming a leader in the Kingdom of God requires you to be broken. If you are complaining about […]
Topics: Leadership, Trials
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