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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Take A Closer Look

Scripture: Psalms 34:1-10
In this sermon Take A Closer Look, God is calling His people to take a closer look at Him. Jesus Christ must become the main focus of our […]

Four Lessons From Familiar Objects

Scripture: Mark 4:22-34
In this sermon Four Lessons From Familiar Objects, What is Spiritual life like? Jesus used parables to help us better understand. Spiritual life is just another way of […]

Living For The Moments

Scripture: Exodus 15:18-18
In this sermon Living For The Moments, The Kingdom of God is something that is birthed in you. Once it is birthed in you, it begins to come […]

The Battle for the Future

Scripture: Luke 17:31-36
In this sermon The Battle for the Future, this passage of Scripture is one that is dealing with the ramifications of getting ready for the Rapture. As we […]

Passover And The Kingdom

Scripture: John 12:1-1
In this sermon Passover and the Kingdom, We’ve been in this kingdom and have not understood it all. All this JEWISH understanding is so lacking today in churches. […]

Opening Our Eyes To See The True Nature Of The Kingdom

Scripture: Acts 2:29-33
We learn about the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and how impossible it is to enjoy Kingdom life without it. He sent His Spirit to make us new, […]

Hosanna To The King With Power Over Death

Scripture: John 12:12-14
In this sermon Hosanna To The King With Power Over Death, we learn there is victory over death. Jesus takes all that powerful death and lets it do […]

The False Tree Got Us Out, And The False Tree Keeps Us Out

Scripture: Luke 23:33-43
There is a remarkable contrast between ONE MAN in this entire passage and everyone else mentioned there, from religious rulers of Israel, to Romans soldiers and to the […]

Defeating The Two Greatest Enemies Of The Kingdom: Insecurity and Inferiority

Scripture: Luke 16:13-18
In this lesson, we learn about Defeating the Two Greatest Enemies of the Kingdom; Insecurity and Inferiority. You have no chance to exalt yourself if you are going […]

Reuniting With Christ After Coming Forth From Him

Scripture: Genesis 2:18-24
In this sermon Reuniting With Christ After Coming Forth From Him, when life’s situations arise, and you have enough faith to claim your relationship to God through Jesus […]

The Key That Opens The Door To Kingdom Living

Scripture: Joshua 3:10-17
Conquest over enemies is Kingdom living. But we must understand that Kingdom living is what Romans 6 callswalking in newness of life. A life of victory contrasted against […]

The Relationship Between Replacing Foundations And Kingdom Entrance

Scripture: Joshua 4:1-3
Jesus died and at first in our salvation we only understand that. But as time goes by we come to another level altogether where we are going to […]

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