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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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No Field; No Treasure

Scripture: Matthew 13:52-
In this lesson, No Field, No Treasure, People want the results of higher education, good jobs, economy, respect. All of that is the treasure. But the field is […]

Find You Another Limb to Climb On

Scripture: Matthew 18:1-6
In this lesson, Find You Another Limb to Climb On, Life is a choice, and everything hinges around our attitude. If we are looking for something wrong in […]

Eyes of Doves or Eyes of Horses?

Scripture: Song of Solomon 1:15-15
In this lesson, Eyes of Doves or Eyes of Horses, most believers live lives of barely hanging on! For many, being a conqueror is only a song. Being […]

A Priceless Treasure

Scripture: Matthew 13:44-50
In this lesson, we learn about A Priceless Treasure. How many of you would like to find a very valuable treasure? A treasure that is priceless, beyond money […]

Thy Kingdom Come

Scripture: Matthew 6:7-13
In this sermon Thy Kingdom Come, we learn in this world that we live in people want to be the boss. They want to be the one that […]

A Title Or A Testimony

Scripture: Revelation 12:7-12
In this lesson, A Title or A Testimony, there is coming a day, when Satan and his forces will be destroyed. Before you were born, Satan got together […]

I Can Do All Things Through Christ

Scripture: Philippians 4:13-13
In this sermon I Can Do All Things Through Christ, we need to leave here today with a renewed confidence in our divine call from God! Confident that […]

The Expert

Scripture: Mark 4:10-12
We can’t make our straight lines in the shape of a cat just to make it easier on ourselves. We are the experts. We know what a straight […]

break time or Breakthrough

Scripture: 1 Kings 17:8-16
In this sermon Break time or Breakthrough, The definition of a breakthrough is: an act of overcoming or penetrating an obstacle or restriction. Are you ready for a […]

Why Me?

Scripture: Luke 12:7-7
In this sermon Why Me, Each person is unique and if willing, a very useful tool for the Kingdom of God. You have a purpose. God has a […]

A Picture Of The Kingdom

Scripture: Luke 13:18-18
In this sermon A Picture Of The Kingdom, When you grow in Christ your understanding of Him will grow. When you truly know Him you will find that […]

Take Off That Mask

Scripture: Matthew 7:15-15
In this sermon Take Off That Mask, At some point it’s time to take off the mask that the real you hides behind so the Holy Spirit can […]
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