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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Whose Opinion?

Scripture: Romans 3:1-4
In this sermon Whose Opinion, The kingdom of God will not mold itself around you.  You allow yourself to be molded to it. Every man presses into it […]

Trees That Produce Good Fruit

Scripture: Genesis 1:9-13
In this sermon Trees That Produce Good Fruit, People who will miss all the work of God, and heaven itself, are those distracted from the tree of life […]

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Scripture: 1 Samuel 16:7-7
In this sermon Looks Can Be Deceiving, we learn of The Transformations Of Rahab And Achan. If, in your heart, is a desire for God and your sinful […]

Safe From Destruction By A Changed Heart

Scripture: Exodus 34:29-35
In this sermon Safe From Destruction By A Changed Heart,  CHARITY comes from a HEART THAT IS CHANGED TO LOVE. When we read about being changed into his […]

Evil Heart: Cause For Curse And Removal Of Curse

Scripture: Genesis 3:17-19
 In this sermon Evil Heart: Cause For Curse And Removal Of Curse, we look at scriptures that refer to CURSINGS from the Lord. God cursed the entire earth […]

The Word And Crossing Into Kingdom Power

Scripture: Mark 3:9-11
In this sermon The Word And Crossing Into Kingdom Power, if God could get some people as hungry to receive His word and affect them to enter into […]

Reactions To Hearing The Word

Scripture: Mark 4:1-9
In this sermon Reactions To Hearing The Word, Be careful for souls who receive something immediately with gladness. For their lack of root and depth cause them to […]

Get A Life! Not Rules

Scripture: Exodus 24:18-18
In this sermon Get A Life! Not Rules, Many people come to Jesus and His Church and seek a book of rules or a Catechism to memorize. That […]

Rent Rocks Or Rent Veils

Scripture: Matthew 27:50-51
In this sermon Rent Rocks Or Rent Veils, two things were explicitly noted to have been RENT when Jesus died. “split or sever (literally or figuratively): – break, divide, open, […]

Keep The Garden Of Your Heart

Scripture: Proverbs 4:1-27
In this sermon Keep The Garden Of Your Heart, The most important thing in your life is to receive eternal life from God. As the physical HEART takes […]

Preserve Trees that Give Life

Scripture: Deuteronomy 20:19-20
In this sermon Preserve Trees that Give Life, The tree of the field is man’s life. This obscure little law in Deuteronomy holds great significance to the issue […]

Joy In The Middle Of The Night

Scripture: Acts 20:6-12
In this sermon Joy In The Middle Of The Night, as long as you’re in church, a miracle can happen! You may feel like you’ve drifted away, and […]

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