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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Water From the Rock

Scripture: Numbers 20:8-8
In this lesson, we talk about Water From the Rock. What is Water? Whatever will satisfy that desire in your heart today, is the water for your situation. […]

The Blessed Life: Put God First

Scripture: Proverbs 4:7-7
In this sermon The Blessed Life: Put God First, The tithe, like the first-born, belongs to God. When you give the first fruits to God, the rest is […]

Wolves At Dusk

Scripture: Habakkuk 1:5-10
In this lesson Wolves At Dusk, we read of Lot, a man in the Old Testament who found himself lured by the wolves and in the end, he […]

Asleep in the Light

Scripture: Psalms 25:13-13
In this sermon Asleep in the Light, you deserve a break today. It has a certain allure that catches our attention. I do deserve a break today. With […]

A Matter of the Heart: A Pure Heart

Scripture: Matthew 5:8-8
In this sermon A Matter of the Heart: A Pure Heart, There’s something precious about a person’s relationship with God. They are not perfect. They don’t do exponential […]

When the Faithful Vanish

Scripture: Psalms 12:1-8
In this sermon When the Faithful Vanish, where will a church drift to when the anchors of godly and righteous people are no longer there? That is a […]

A Prayer for Protection

Scripture: Psalms 5:1-12
In this sermon A Prayer for Protection, Take heart, He will lead you through the narrowest and most treacherous of paths! He will prevail in every aspect of […]

Tell Your Heart to Beat Again

Scripture: 1 Samuel 16:7-7
In this sermon Tell Your Heart to Beat Again, The heart is a complicated topic to speak about. It’s the intangible part of our being. The term “heart” […]

It's Time to Pull the Plug

Scripture: Genesis 3:1-7
In this lesson, It’s Time to Pull the Plug, how many people have you run off by preaching righteousness, instead of experience? List one time in the New […]

For Sale By Owner

Scripture: Matthew 13:44-46
In this sermon For Sale By Owner, What is your treasure? What do you place value on in your life? How important is your relationship with God? What […]

Whatcha Grubbin On?

Scripture: Job 3:1-26
In this sermon Whatcha Grubbin On, What comes out can only come from what you put in! The things we allow into our minds and hearts will be […]

The Danger Of Looking Back

Scripture: Genesis 19:26-26
The Word of God says that Lot “pitched his tent toward Sodom,” But Abraham heard from God and built an altar. Lot and his wife had gotten use […]

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