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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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The Significance of the Standard

Scripture: Numbers 2:1-2
In this sermon The Significance of the Standard, In our modern day society, it has become commonplace for people to challenge nearly every “landmark” and question the significance […]
Topics: Holiness

The Effects Of Fresh Fire

Scripture: Revelation 3:15-19
In this lesson, The Effects of Fresh Fire, the most outlandish error of charisma was to overreact to early Pentecostal legalism. Holiness is not legalism; legalism is fear […]

God Lovers

Scripture: Acts 1:3-3
In this sermon God Lovers, It does not matter who I am. What counts is that I am a God lover: heart, mind, and soul. Names may come […]
Topics: Holiness, Love

Just Because I Love You!

Scripture: Acts 17:24-28
In this sermon Just Because I Love You, Our relationship with the Lord Jesus is biblically compared to a marriage. In marriage, it is common, and certainly important […]
Topics: Holiness, Love

Holy, Harmless, and Separate

Scripture: Hebrews 7:26-26
In this sermon Holy, Harmless, and Separate, A place can be holy. Clothes can be holy. Perfume used to anoint the tabernacle can be holy. This platform is […]
Topics: Holiness

A Portrait of a True Worshipper

Scripture: Psalms 15:1-5
In this sermon A Portrait of a True Worshipper, the key to living a holy life is to live a Scripture-saturated life. When God’s Word dwells within a […]

What's The Time

Scripture: Genesis 1:14-14
In this sermon What’s The Time, don’t keep avoiding God, avoiding truth, by blaming others & making excuses. Know your time is right now. Salvation or damnation is […]
Topics: Faith, Holiness, Truth

The Joy Of Holiness

Scripture: Hebrews 12:12-14
In this sermon The Joy Of Holiness, in a world looking for joy and peace, I am telling that the only true joy is in “holiness”. Everything points […]
Topics: Holiness

Bored With God

Scripture: 2 Kings 13:14-20
In this sermon Bored With God, we learn the antidote to boredom. Boredom is not good for your health. It has been known to be directly linked to […]

A Clean Heart and a Right Spirit

Scripture: Psalms 51:10-10
In this sermon A Clean Heart and a Right Spirit, the clean heart is the inward work of grace and is what God does in me. It represents […]

United To Jesus & Made Into His Image In The Holiest

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 3:15-18
In this sermon United To Jesus & Made Into His Image In The Holiest, God’s desire remains the same. Three pictures from each of these three major times […]
Topics: Holiness, Love, Satan

Have You Seen His Ascension?

Scripture: 2 Kings 2:1-1
In this sermon Have You Seen His Ascension, Death, burial and resurrection saves us. But this fourth dimension is Ascension. It is power. Power to work wonders. In […]

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