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Sermon Outlines

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Heaven Made Mobile

Scripture: Revelation 12:7-11
In this lesson, Heaven Made Mobile, we should consider ourselves as Jesus when we do something in His Name. Not that we are God or ever will be, […]

Unstable Sand and Solid-Rock Protection

Scripture: Matthew 7:21-27
In this lesson we talk about Unstable Sand and Solid Rock Protection. I have always heard it said, scripture applies to the day. The day when we will […]

Bringing Earth Back To Heaven

Scripture: Genesis 1:1-1
In this lesson, we talk about Bringing Earth Back to Heaven. God created Heaven and Earth. He created them to be in union. Then we read a problem […]

Return From A Far Country

Scripture: Luke 20:9-16
In this lesson, we learn of a Return From a Far Country. Heaven at one time, was close to mankind and the earth. But since man fell, Eden […]
Topics: Heaven

Golden Faith and Fool's Gold

Scripture: 1 Peter 1:1-9
In this lesson, Golden Faith and Fool’s Gold, there is a faith that Peter is speaking about that moves God to keep us safe by His supernatural power. […]

Alternative To Destruction: Transformation

Scripture: Exodus 32:1-14
In this lesson, we learn of an Alternative to Destruction: Transformation. God sought to destroy Israel and wipe them out. He would then raise up a new nation […]

A Basic Question With Eternal Consequences

Scripture: John 3:1-2
In this lesson, we learn of A Basic Question With Eternal Consequences. Some people in this world are concerned about where they are going to spend eternity. Some […]

Roll of Heaven

In this sermon: Roll of Heaven, we learn the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is not a myth. It’s not a fable, it’s not a storybook concept, […]

Just One Second

Scripture: Numbers 21:4-9
In this lesson, Just One Second, nobody pays attention to just a second. Each passes without much notice. As each comes and goes, it is never recoverable. It is […]
Topics: Heaven, Hell

How To Get To Heaven

Scripture: John 14:2-3
In this lesson we learn about How to Get to Heaven. There is a place called Heaven and we are told to desire this place. God has prepared […]

If You Were to Die Today

Scripture: Hebrews 1:8-10
In this lesson, If You Were to Die Today,  do you know where you would spend eternity? I believe eternity began the day we were born into this […]
Topics: Heaven, Hell

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