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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Your Journey To Jerusalem

Scripture: Luke 9:51-62
In this sermon Your Journey To Jerusalem, to go to Jerusalem meant to deny what the flesh wants the most. To go to Jerusalem, meant to leave personal […]

We See What We Are Prepared To See

Scripture: Jeremiah 33:3-3
In this sermon We See What We Are Prepared To See, we learn to look for the good. We need to train ourselves to look for the good. […]
Topics: God's Plan, Vision

To Surrender Is The Only Answer

Scripture: 2 Chronicles 30:1-12
In this sermon To Surrender Is The Only Answer, God is going to bless the individual that will surrender their will over to the will of God. We […]
Topics: God's Plan

The Advantage Of Disadvantage

Scripture: Philippians 1:12-14
In The Advantage Of Disadvantage, we learn God’s plan is to take Disadvantage and make it Advantage. We live in a world of disadvantages. It often holds the […]

Beginning To Sink

Scripture: Matthew 14:22-32
In this sermon Beginning To Sink, Great spiritual strength is gleaned from private moments with God.  When the world has no idea where you are or what you […]

God's Chosen Fast

Scripture: Isaiah 58:1-14
In this lesson, we dive into God’s Chosen Fast. God reveals His chosen fast. He grants us understanding concerning His plan, His purpose, and His rewards of fasting. […]

Castles in the Sand

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 1:1-11
In this sermon Castles in the Sand, we learn to build on the right foundation. It is here, if you are not careful, that a man can become […]

Hole In The Hedge - Handout

Scripture: Job 1:9-10
This handout is used as a study guide for the lesson. Your mind is designed to serve as a HEDGE around your spirit. A spiritual stronghold is a […]

The Storms Of Life

Scripture: Matthew 8:23-26
In this sermon The Storms Of Life, we learn that the lie of the devil wants you to believe God doesn’t care. If he can make you believe that, […]
Topics: God's Plan, Trials

You Need An Anointing

Scripture: 1 Samuel 16:13-13
In this Sermon, we’ll read through many scriptures that show us the anointing of the holy ghost gives us power. We are powerless without it. We cannot even […]

When God Gives Up

Scripture: Genesis 6:3-3
In this sermon When God Gives Up, we learn God’s Spirit will eventually withdraw from those who resist. The consequences are eternal! Hardness of heart, a seared conscience, […]
Topics: God's Plan

God's Greatness

Scripture: Psalms 150:2-2
This sermon God’s Greatness, gives great scientific proof as to the Greatness of God! Use it to encourage those who feel God cannot help them. God’s great power […]

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