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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Ultimate Favor

Scripture: Ruth 13:6-6
In this sermon Ultimate Favor, My goal is for us to all see that God has a plan. God has the interwoven details of your life ironed out. […]

God's One-Man Plan To Conquer Satan's Kingdom

Scripture: 1 Samuel 17:1-10
In this sermon God’s One-Man Plan To Conquer Satan’s Kingdom, Satan knows there is one God and he trembles. He knew taking out one man, ADAM, would affect […]

Which Tree Is Manifesting In You?

Scripture: John 1:1-3
In this sermon Which Tree Is Manifesting In You, we study how we are going to deal with the spirit of truth. And what the Bible calls the spirit […]
Topics: God's Plan

Two Extra Blessings

Scripture: Genesis 41:50-52
In this sermon Two Extra Blessings, Joseph suffered much from his brothers during the days of his youth when God gave dreams to him. Their jealousy of the […]
Topics: God's Plan

How God Filled The Vacancy

Scripture: Genesis 23:1-2
In this sermon How God Filled The Vacancy, we learn how God filled the vacancy through baptism. When mankind died, God’s heart was broken and the Garden was […]

Eat Right And Live Forever

Scripture: Job 23:12-12
In this sermon Eat Right And Live Forever, People today are very particular about what foods they eat and what diets they engage themselves in. Eat right and […]

Lesson 2: Confidence to Enter and Enjoy the Fullness of Christ

Scripture: Revelation 22:10-4
Lesson 2: Confidence to Enter and Enjoy the Fullness of Christ, is one of two lesson in this series. Jesus said we’ll not only have our own thirst […]

He Is My Everything-I Go In His Name

Scripture: 1 Samuel 17:45-51
In this sermon He Is My Everything- I Go In His Name, The phrase “in the name of the Lord,” is one that infers something being accomplished as […]

Preserve What God Did and Leave It Alone

Scripture: Genesis 2:8-15
In this sermon Preserve What God Did and Leave It Alone, God does not want you to add one little detail to his word. God planted a Garden. […]

A Million Lambs And The Firstborn

Scripture: Revelation 13:8-8
In this sermon A Million Lambs And The Firstborn, only one thing alone can stand between you and eternal death. Nothing else can help you. Not religion, not […]

Jesus Christ: The Sinner's Best Friend

Scripture: Isaiah 53:10-12
In this sermonJesus Christ: The Sinner’s Best Friend, Jesus gave His life because He is The Sinner’s Best Friend and we were all sinners.  Some here tonight may […]
Topics: God's Plan, Sin

God Wants You

Scripture: Matthew 22:15-22
In this sermon God Wants You, we learn people who claim to be God’s people, but who really do not serve God are hypocrites. Such people asked Jesus […]

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