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Giving Thanks Always

Scripture: 1:9-13
In this sermon Giving Thanks Always, we learn we should be grateful for the wonderful cross and His work for us there. It’s vital that we realize not […]
Topics: Giving

Miracles and Deliverance

Scripture: Luke 13:10-17
In this sermon Miracles and Deliverance, that which you freely give to the Lord is always considered to be of higher value than that which you are required […]

The Reward of the Sower

Scripture: Isaiah 55:10-13
In this sermon The Reward of the Sower, Farmers know that they have to sow as quickly as possible, they can’t wait and say well it’s suppose to […]
Topics: Giving

What Do You Have In Your House?

Scripture: 2 Kings 4:-
In this sermon What Do You Have In Your House, we learn that you will never out give the Lord. If we are truly created in the image of […]

The Miracle Of A Gift

Scripture: Genesis 1:27-2
In this sermon The Miracle Of A Gift, God is searching for people that are in his likeness, after the heart of God. People like him givers, lover’s, […]
Topics: Miracles, Giving

All Gave Some but Some Gave All

Scripture: Mark 12:41-44
In this sermon All Gave Some but Some Gave All, real giving is measured by how much someone has left. Not by how much a person gives. Jesus […]
Topics: Giving, Love, Sacrifice

Drawing From and Producing

Scripture: John 12:24-24
In this sermon Drawing From and Producing, He speaks of us as branches and Himself the vine. Jesus said he would fall into the ground in death and […]

Hands Go! Hands Come!

Scripture: Acts 2:44-45
In this sermon hands go! hands come, There was a preacher in a church who said, “This church, like the crippled man, has got to get up and walk!” […]
Topics: Giving

Throwing Your Life Away

Scripture: Mark 12:41-44
In this sermon Throwing Your Life Away, we learn of some very powerful lessons on commitment. It is commitment, not talent or resources that will place you among […]
Topics: Commitment, Giving


Scripture: 2 Samuel 6:8-8
In this lesson, The Eternal Blessing of The Great High Priest, the blessing remains valid throughout the NT dispensation. The great High Priest has ascended into heaven to […]

What You Give Is What You Get

Scripture: Judges 1:7-7
In this sermon What You Give Is What You Get, we learn the principles of giving. How you treat others, is how you will be treated.
Topics: Giving

Building Spiritual Muscles the Secret Way

Scripture: Acts 10:30-31
In this lesson, we discuss, Building Spiritual Muscled the Secret Way. Scripture teaches three spiritual disciplines that should be done in secret. God rewards these openly. They are; […]
Topics: Fasting, Giving, Prayer

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