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Looks Really Do Kill

Scripture: Exodus 33:18-23
In this sermon Looks Really Do Kill, when you see the full mercy of God and His forgiveness, looks will kill! You will understand you died with Jesus. […]

Atonement From The Fish's Mouth

Scripture: Matthew 17:24-27
In this lesson Atonement From The Fish’s Mouth, both cases of atonement, payment and death on the cross. Jesus did not require it. But, He experienced it for […]

The Covering Of God's Power

Scripture: 2 Samuel 22:1-20
In this sermon The Covering Of God’s Power, David called upon God in the midst of adversity from his enemies. God’s reaction was one of anger and wrath. […]

What Generates Your Life?

Scripture: 1 Peter 2:9-9
In this sermon What Generates Your Life, we learn a generator produces a generation. The generation from an electric generator is electricity. The pharisees  were a generation of […]

Perfect Forgiveness Multiplied

Scripture: Matthew 18:15-22
In this sermon Perfect Forgiveness Multiplied, Jesus dealt with forgiveness in this portion of scripture. He underscored the vital need for each of us to always admit we […]

All Things Become New

Scripture: Genesis 1:1-1
In this lesson All Things Become New, We read about the heaven and earth having been created in Genesis. And then we read in the book of Revelation […]

Christ's Forgiveness

Scripture: Luke 17:1-10
In this sermon Christ’s Forgiveness, If there is one thing that will show how much like Jesus we are or not, is how we deal with people. We […]
Topics: Forgiveness

For A Limited Time Only

Scripture: Revelation 4:1-2
In this lesson For A Limited Time Only, it reveals that the opportunity will not always be there for us. The next hand you shake might be the […]

Charge It To My Account

Scripture: Philippians 1:18-19
This sermon Charge It To My Account, teaches us a lesson for those who have lived such a sinful life and wonder if they can ever be a […]

Healing for your Soul, Mind, Heart

Scripture: 2 Chronicles 7:14-14
In this sermon Healing for your Soul, Mind, Heart, repentance is a matter of the heart and mind; it is a mental and spiritual realignment with God’s will. […]


Scripture: Matthew 6:12-12
In this sermon Forgiveness, if we do not believe God forgives us, the scripture becomes invalid. If the scriptures invalid, God is void. Thus, blasphemy. God forgiving us […]
Topics: Forgiveness

The True Test of Forgiveness

Scripture: Romans 12:18-21
In this sermon The True Test of Forgiveness, it’s one thing to succumb to force and be made to be righteous. Children are (or should be) made to […]

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