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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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When We Become Passovers

Scripture: Exodus 12:12-14
In this lesson, When We Become Passovers, We know that Jesus is our Passover. People need to know God is mighty. He is mighty whether they know it […]

From Bondage of Fear to Partakers of All of Christ

Scripture: Genesis 1:1-3
In this sermon From Bondage of Fear to Partakers of All of Christ, partaking of Chris is to experience the same experiences He did. Jesus died and we partook […]
Topics: Faith, Fear, Sin

Running Away In Fear, Or Boldly Approaching God?

Scripture: Genesis 3:6-10
In this lesson, Running Away From Fear or Boldly Approaching God, I have found, there’s a reason many people are not used by God. They simply come to […]
Topics: Fear

Two Reactions In A World Of Sin

Scripture: Genesis 3:6-8
In this lesson, Two Reactions in a World of Sin, if someone has real faith and insight from God, they know what is not acceptable as well as […]
Topics: Fear, Sacrifice, Sin

Satan's Snare: To Do, To Have And To Be

Scripture: 1 John 2:15-18
In this lesson, we learn of Satan’s Snare: To Do, To Have and To Be. The more we can be free of the spirit of antichrist, the more […]
Topics: Fear, Satan

Leaving Spiritual Childhood

Scripture: Genesis 12:5-8
In this sermon Leaving Spiritual Childhood, the reason we are studying this is because Abraham, whom Abram later was named, is the Father of the Faithful. And those […]

Trained, But Terrified To Try

Scripture: Ephesians 1:15-21
In this lesson, Trained but Terrified to Try, Ephesians is probably the deepest book in the entire Bible. It is the only book that speaks of the eternal […]
Topics: Fear, Trials

Past Your Fears

Scripture: Leviticus 16:12-17
In this lesson, Past Your Fears, we learn, past the flesh and the soul, is the conscience of a person. The conscience is deep inside. It is a […]
Topics: Fear

Praise vs the Battle

Scripture: Psalms 149:6-9
In this lesson, Praise vs the Battle, the Devil’s most powerful weapon is that of fear. He knows that you can’t have faith and fear at the same […]

The Wagons Are On the Way

Scripture: Genesis 45:16-28
In this sermon The Wagons Are On the Way, I might be full of doubt and unable to believe any good news either if I had to live […]

Defeating the Doubt Demon

Scripture: James 1:1-6
In this sermon Defeating the Doubt Demon, we learn of three characteristics of a doubter, and 3 ways to defeat the Doubt Demon. God’s Word is the ultimate […]
Topics: Fear, God's Word

Herod’s Pedophobia

Scripture: Matthew 2:1-12
In this lesson, we learn about Herod’s Pedophobia.  Most of the people in the world have a fear of one thing or another. In this story, Herod might […]

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