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Sermon Outlines

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This Mountain

Scripture: Matthew 17:14-21
In this lesson The Mountain, everyone will hear the same message, but everyone here will hear something different.  The reason is because everyone here has a different mountain. […]


Scripture: Isaiah 58:1-12
In this lesson, we talk about Fasting. In a culture where we are bombarded with “Golden Arches” and an assortment of  fast-food, fasting seems out of place. How […]
Topics: Fasting

FASTING - A Neglected Discipline

Scripture: Luke 5:33-35
In this lesson, Fasting- A Neglected Discipline, Biblical fasting embraces both the outer and inner man. Involving the mind, spirit, and body. Some may object to fasting, saying, […]
Topics: Fasting

The Power of Prayer with Fasting

Scripture: Mark 2:18-20
In this lesson we discuss, The Power of Prayer with Fasting. We are living in such days that the Bridegroom is absent and our need for spiritual power […]
Topics: Fasting

A Call To Unite In Prayer And Fasting

Scripture: Acts 2:1-1
In this lesson, we discuss the importance of, A Call to Unite in Prayer and Fasting. God is ready and waiting to give us a great outpouring of […]
Topics: Fasting, Prayer

When The Need Is Too Great

Scripture: Matthew 17:14-21
When The Need Is Too Great. In this story we find Jesus returning from His transfiguration. He had been on the mountain with Peter, James and John. Upon […]
Topics: Fasting

Fasting Facts

Scripture: Acts 14:53-53
This lesson dives into Fasting Facts. Prayer and Fasting fit together like the pieces of a puzzle. They are marriage partners in the spirit. They walk together, hand […]
Topics: Fasting, Prayer

Deliverance That Comes Through Prayer & Fasting

Scripture: Matthew 17:14-21
We need Deliverance That Comes Through Prayer & Fasting. In order to have REAL DELIVERANCE in our lives, we must seek god, and deny the flesh. We can […]

Why did Jesus fast?

Scripture: Luke 4:4-4
In this lesson, we ask, Why Did Jesus Fast? The power of prayer and fasting is quite evident in the earthly life and ministry of Jesus. Someone asked […]
Topics: Fasting

The Benefits of Prayer and Fasting When Combined

Scripture: Matthew 17:19-21
In this lesson we discuss, The Benefits of Prayer and Fasting When Combined. There is no activity that can come close to the glory that prayer will produce. […]
Topics: Fasting, Prayer

Biblical Fasting

Scripture: Isaiah 58:5-6
This lesson dives into the meaning of Biblical Fasting. In early ages men ate according to production of the earth and success of the hunt. Thus, fasting was […]
Topics: Fasting

The Vessel

Scripture: Matthew 17:14-21
In this lesson, The Vessel, God has always worked through human vessels. In fact, most of the time, God works through the most unlikely vessels. God can have […]

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