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God Is For You

Scripture: Romans 8:31-31
In this sermon God Is For You, God has an ultimate plan for your life. He plans your every move. We must quit believing the lies of the […]

Do You Understand?

Scripture: Acts 8:30-31
In this sermon Do You Understand, Satan’s desire is to keep people from understanding the Word of God. Satan “hath blinded the minds of them which believe not” […]

Why Me?

Scripture: Luke 12:7-7
In this sermon Why Me, Each person is unique and if willing, a very useful tool for the Kingdom of God. You have a purpose. God has a […]

Your Ship Has Come In

Scripture: Matthew 4:18-25
In this sermon Your Ship Has Come In, something better than what you have right now has come along. The ship can refer to opportunity, material wealth, and […]


Scripture: Matthew 28:18-20
In this sermon Recommissioned, We cannot change the message – the message must change us. When a ship is commissioned they call it a “Christening.”  It is customary […]

Wanted - Crossbearers

Scripture: Matthew 16:24-1
In this sermon Wanted – Crossbearers, This modern day outlook today is flawed. It’s CHRISTIANITY LITE, the redirection, watering down, and misinterpretation of the biblical gospel in attempt […]

Crowded Churches, Empty Altars

Scripture: Luke 14:27-28
In this sermon Crowded Churches, Empty Altars, Do you know that Jesus wants to pull you out of the crowd into the committed today? It will cost you […]

Bear Ye One Another’s Burdens

Scripture: Galatians 6:2-2
In this sermon Bear Ye One Another’s Burdens, Before Jesus was about to leave is addressing the disciples. They are at “the Lord’s Supper”, Judas has dipped the […]
Topics: Discipleship, Love

Appreciating Jesus' Sacrifice

Scripture: Acts 8:5-38
In this sermon Appreciating Jesus’ Sacrifice, Jesus Christ died for us. His death is what baptism puts us into. His death is associated with baptism.  We were saved […]

Full Of Light And Alert

Scripture: Isaiah 60:1-4
 In this sermon Full Of Light And Alert, if the light that enlightens us is knowing we are raised up with Christ as Christ was raised, then the […]
Topics: Discipleship

The Reward Of Willingness

Scripture: Matthew 19:16-1
In this sermon The Reward Of Willingness, we learn why many are called but few are chosen. If you haven’t known God long, but are willing to do […]

Him That Dwelt In The Bush

Scripture: Deuteronomy 33:1-1
In this sermon Him That Dwelt In The Bush, Moses referred to the experience meeting God in the burning bush. When he referred to “Him that dwelt in […]

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