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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Scripture: Daniel 9:8-14
In this lesson Beware, it’s a very complex terrain we are traversing in our world these days. Things we encounter along our pathway like people, atmospheres, ideologies, Government decisions, […]

Discerning The Motive Behind The Actions

Scripture: Matthew 7:15-23
In this sermon Discerning The Motive Behind The Actions,The Church needs to discern the motive behind the actions or the enemy will deceive you again and again. There […]

Spying into the Spirit World

Scripture: Acts 16:16-18
In this sermon Spying into the Spirit World, The “Discerning of Spirits” gives us a glimpse into the spirit world. It gives us understanding of both the bad […]

Judgmental - To Be or Not To Be - That is the Question!

Scripture: Acts 7:51-58
In this sermon Judgmental – To Be or Not To Be – That is the Question, What does it mean not to be judgmental?  There is nothing that […]

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