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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Two Hiding Places

Scripture: Isaiah 32:2-2
In this sermon Two hiding places, we learn of some of the features of the true, God-appointed refuge. Two hiding places are brought before us here. one is […]
Topics: Deception, Truth

God's Word Against Legalism

Scripture: Romans 4:2-6
In this sermon God’s Word Against Legalism, we will be able to determine how legalistic we are,  and understand what legalism is. Legalism is CONFORMITY TO LAW. Conformity […]
Topics: Deception

Hivites And The Deception Of Eve

Scripture: John 9:1-15
In this sermon Hivites And The Deception Of Eve, The Gibeonites knew that their region was next in line for conquest by Israel, as Joshua led the people […]
Topics: Deception

The Outward Can be Deceiving

Scripture: Joshua 2:1-14
In this sermon The Outward Can be Deceiving, you are what you are in your heart. If you don’ get that sin out of your hearts, you’re in […]
Topics: Deception

Moldy Bread And Broken Wineskins - Lies Of False Profession

Scripture: Joshua 9:3-15
In this sermon Moldy Bread And Broken Wineskins – Lies Of False Profession, God forgives our failures of messing around with falsehoods. When we are spiritually dull, we […]
Topics: Deception

Beware Of The False Vine

Scripture: Genesis 2:9-9
In this sermon Beware Of The False Vine, We learn He is the TRUE VINE. If there is a true vine, then there has to be a false […]
Topics: Deception

Preserve What God Did and Leave It Alone

Scripture: Genesis 2:8-15
In this sermon Preserve What God Did and Leave It Alone, God does not want you to add one little detail to his word. God planted a Garden. […]

Three Necessary Wounds

Scripture: Psalms 105:17-22
In this lesson Three Necessary Wounds, your betrayal can be looked upon with reverence and even gratitude. That is, if you can accept the betrayal of men as […]

A Principle Of Communion – Bread and Betrayal

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 11:23-23
In this sermon A Principle Of Communion, Communion with God is a very weighty issue and invariably where there is communion there will also be betrayal. One of […]

The Tongue and the Church

Scripture: Proverbs 6:16-19
In this sermon The Tongue and the Church,  we learn of two types of tongues. One that speaks truth, and one that speaks lies. The tongue can “bless […]

Embracing Truth: A Solid foundation.

Scripture: 2 Thessalonians 2:8-10
In this sermon Embracing Truth: A Solid foundation,  we must develop a “Love for the Truth.” It is the Rock that will withstand the forces of hell and […]

The Strategy of Satan

Scripture: Genesis 3:1-1
In this sermon The Strategy of Satan, when Satan accuses you it is to condemn and you feel defeated. When the Spirit convicts it uses the Word of […]

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