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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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The Necessity of Forgetfulness

Scripture: Philippians 3:13-13
In this sermon, we learn there is a necessity of forgetfulness in our walk with GOD. It is an absolute imperative if we are ever going to know […]

Corn In The Midst Of The Beans

Scripture: Genesis 6:7-7
In this sermon Corn In The Midst Of The Beans, we read about Jacob who has the help of his mother to plot against his father. He knows […]

Walking on the water

Scripture: Matthew 6:45-52
In this sermon Walking on Water, we ask the Lord to help us with the waves in our lives. Have you been concentrating more on the waves than […]

The Tragedy Of Barrenness

Scripture: Luke 13:6-10
In this lesson The Tragedy Of Barrenness, there are inherent lessons and principles that come out of the story of the fig tree. We’re like a fig tree […]

Blinded By The God Of This World

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 4:3-12
In this sermon Blinded By The God Of This World, we learn of a blindness worse than being physically blind. There is a blindness that is caused by […]
Topics: Deception, Satan

Go Buy A Sword

Scripture: Luke 22:35-38
In this sermon Go Buy A Sword, we learn that we have to sharpen ourselves to cut through the lies and deception of Satan. Forsake your old life, […]

Can God Use Me?

Scripture: John 4:5-30
In this sermon Can God Use Me, one of the lies Satan tells people who make mistakes is that God cannot use them now that they have sinned […]

We Don’t Have Time To Look Back

Scripture: Luke 17:29-33
In this sermon We Don’t Have Time To Look Back, we find ourselves living on the edge because life is not as we want it. We are not […]

Elevate Yourself

Scripture: Colossians 3:2-2
In this sermon Elevate Yourself, It is time to stop allowing the enemy to use the weak and the willing to ruin your walk with Jesus. In the […]

Do You Know the Most Dangerous Person in Your Church?

Scripture: Titus 1:5-5
Do You Know the Most Dangerous Person in Your Church? The most dangerous person at your church is the apparently smart guy who is un-teachable. Meaning that he […]

7 Lies Of Satan

Scripture: John 8:44-44
In this sermon 7 Lies Of Satan, Satan wants you to believe is that you have plenty of time. He wants you to believe that you have plenty of […]
Topics: Deception, Satan

Two Hiding Places

Scripture: Isaiah 32:2-2
In this sermon Two hiding places, we learn of some of the features of the true, God-appointed refuge. Two hiding places are brought before us here. one is […]
Topics: Deception, Truth

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