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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Funeral of A Young Person-Long Term Sickness-Received a Transplant

Scripture: Revelation 21:4-4
This is for the Funeral of A Young Person with A Long Term Sickness or Who Received A Transplant. You and I have seen very vividly exactly what […]
Topics: Death, Wisdom

Funeral of A Loving Grandmother

Scripture: Proverbs 29:10-31
This is a Funeral of A Loving Grandmother. We are here today, not to mourn but to celebrate her life. To remember her and to comfort one another […]
Topics: Death

Time To Go Back Where Jesus Laid

Scripture: Romans 6:3-5
In this sermon Time To Go Back Where Jesus Laid, The need for KNOWING the truth about the death of Jesus Christ and how it applies to us […]

His Suffering And Death For You And For Me

Scripture: Isaiah 53:1-13
In this sermon His Suffering And Death For You And For Me, we learn He has given so much for you and for me. Will you surrender your […]

What Did The Resurrection Do?

Scripture: Luke 24:1-9
In this sermon What Did The Resurrection Do, Jesus’ resurrection from the dead did more than defy physical laws of life and death. It proved that we too, […]


Scripture: 2 Kings 20:1-11
In this sermon Death, the Bible answers important questions that science is unable to understand. The topic of death is one of them. This can be better understood […]

The Results Of Spiritual Death

Scripture: Jeremiah 2:19-22
In this sermon The Results Of Spiritual Death, when you start losing the desire to serve the Lord, God will pull at you, with convictions he will draw […]

Does God Really Love Me?

Scripture: Matthew 28:20-20
In this sermon Does God Really Love Me, there is always a questioning about if God really loved me would he allow this to happen. God’s love doesn’t […]
Topics: Death, Love

The Death Of Conviction

Scripture: 2 Samuel 11:14-17
When you are climbing mountains, sailing seas, and changing lives, little time is left for prayer and the tiny but ever so crucial things required in pastoral ministry. […]

Driving The Nail Of The Cross Into The Carnal Mind

Scripture: Judges 4:17-23
In this sermon Driving The Nail Of The Cross Into The Carnal Mind, the carnal mind inflicts fear and defeatism. Carnality is destroyed with the word of God, […]
Topics: Death, The Cross

Hosanna To The King With Power Over Death

Scripture: John 12:12-14
In this sermon Hosanna To The King With Power Over Death, we learn there is victory over death. Jesus takes all that powerful death and lets it do […]

The Transforming Power Of The Cross

Scripture: Matthew 16:18-18
In this sermon The Transforming Power Of The Cross, we learn the real house on the rock is not a physical structure. It is our lives. The Church […]
Topics: Death, The Cross

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