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Sermon Outlines

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Changing Pastures

Scripture: Psalms 23:1-6
In this sermon Changing Pastures, we must by experience know the value of blood shedding, and see the sword awakened against the Shepherd. We must know before we […]
Topics: Crucifixion

Though He Was Crucified

Scripture: -2:-
In this sermon Though He Was Crucified, could there ever be a more intense suffering this side of hell? Christ was crucified! He died the most brutal death […]

Crucified Between Two Thieves

Scripture: Matthew 27:38-38
When you live in the past it is hard.  I am not there; my name is not “I WAS.”  When you live in the future it is hard.  […]

A Soldiers Perspective Of The Cross

Scripture: John 19:23-24
In this lesson A Soldiers Perspective Of The Cross, the cross where Jesus Christ laid down His life for you and I will always be a place of […]

In The Hands Of Jesus

Scripture: John 10:28-28
In this sermon In The Hands Of Jesus, we learn when you fail, don’t give up on yourself. Jesus still has you in His hands. His faithfulness is […]

The Second Crucifixion

Scripture: Proverbs 27:7-7
In this sermon The Second Crucifixion, We crucify Him again when we lose our hunger for the things of God.  We are so “full” that we are no […]
Topics: Crucifixion, Sin

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