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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Jesus Died So You Can Live – So Wake Up!

Scripture: Matthew 28:1-20
In this sermon Jesus Died So You Can Live, we learn the Cross can become lax and begin to under appreciate the price He paid. Knowing the price […]

You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down

Scripture: John 20:1-8
In this sermon You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down, we learn of the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus. If Jesus really is God, then that needs […]
Topics: Crucifixion

A Little Further

Scripture: Matthew 26:39-39
In this lesson A little Further, we will go deep into lengthy illustrations that will teach us some spiritual lessons in our lives. There are still things inside […]

Do You Really Understand The Death And Resurrection?

Scripture: Mark 9:30-50
In this sermon Do You Really Understand The Death And Resurrection, we read Jesus did not want anyone to know He was passing through Galilee, because He wanted […]
Topics: Crucifixion, Death

The House Of The Bread From Heaven

Scripture: Luke 2:4-7
In this sermon The House Of The Bread From Heaven — Bethlehem, Jesus was laid in a manger when He was born. It is that from which animals […]
Topics: Crucifixion, Truth

Who Is The Red Heifer?

Scripture: Numbers 19:2-3
In this sermon Who Is The Red Heifer, we learn that red means death. The death was the DEATH OF CHRIST. A HEIFER means female. The Church is always […]
Topics: Crucifixion

The Further Revelation: One With The Son

Scripture: Matthew 16:13-25
In this sermon The Further Revelation: One With The Son, Feasting on bread and wine means we are LEARNING MORE. We are learning what spiritually occurred when His […]
Topics: Crucifixion

What Is The Body Of Christ?

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 10:16-17
In this sermon What Is The Body Of Christ, we learn Jesus’ body died on the cross. We are dead by the Body of Christ. Jesus prayed and […]
Topics: Crucifixion

The Crown Of Thorns

Scripture: Matthew 27:27-29
In this sermon The Crown Of Thorns, when we believe that Christ died to remove our sins. It’s as though our hands are laid upon the head of […]
Topics: Crucifixion

Seven Sayings From The Cross

Scripture: Luke 23:34-34
In this sermon Seven Sayings From The Cross, every time something to do with SEVEN arises in the Bible, we immediately think of the first seven. The seven […]
Topics: Crucifixion

Satan, The Blood Is Against You!

Scripture: Genesis 4:1-14
In this sermon Satan, The Blood Is Against You, we discover Satan isn’t just fighting us, he’s fighting the blood.  When the blood falls on you, it will […]

Changing Pastures

Scripture: Psalms 23:1-6
In this sermon Changing Pastures, we must by experience know the value of blood shedding, and see the sword awakened against the Shepherd. We must know before we […]
Topics: Crucifixion

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