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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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A New Exodus And New Genesis

Scripture: Exodus 4:22-23
In this sermon A New Exodus And New Genesis, God wanted to emphasize that one thing and one thing only saves us today. The wonderful story and truth […]

I Declare

Scripture: Psalms 66:16-16
In this sermon I Declare, there are some things that CREATION declares. some things that GOD declares, and some things that WE are to declare!

Just A Lump Of Clay

Scripture: Genesis 2:7-7
In this sermon Just A Lump Of Clay, God formed man out of the dust of the earth. It was time consuming, evoked thought, required Him to form […]
Topics: Creation


Scripture: Genesis 1:1-13
This Lesson on Creation is designed to encourage our faith so we can experience more works of the Holy Ghost in our lives than ever before. God is […]
Topics: Creation

Giving Birth To The Spirit

Scripture: Genesis 8:6-6
In this sermon Giving Birth To The Spirit, similar to the way a baby is formed in the image of its parents, so Adam was formed in the […]
Topics: Creation

Is Rejecting God An Abomination To Him?

Scripture: Genesis 1:27-1
In this sermon Is Rejecting God An Abomination To Him, When God made man in the Book of Genesis he made him to worship Him and to fellowship […]
Topics: Creation, Sin

The Blueprints Of God

Scripture: Psalms 127:1-1
In this sermon The Blueprints Of God, we learn we cannot build the kingdom of the Lord without His blueprints. He has set in order by his word […]

Genesis: The Book of Beginnings

Scripture: Genesis
In this lesson Genesis: The Book of Beginnings, we’ll discover several things upon which our doctrine is built. We will also see the foundational stones of what we […]

The 'In-Christed' Ones

Scripture: John 6:53-58
In this sermon The ‘In-Christed’ Ones, The last supper before Jesus was crucified involved bread and wine. Jesus told them the bread represents His flesh and body that […]

All Things Become New

Scripture: Genesis 1:1-1
In this lesson All Things Become New, We read about the heaven and earth having been created in Genesis. And then we read in the book of Revelation […]

Animals Know God

Scripture: Psalms 150:1-6
In this sermon Animals Know God, we must humble ourselves & surrender to the will of God just like all other things. We have a purpose in life […]
Topics: Creation

God The Maker of Man

Scripture: Genesis 1:26-27
In this sermon God The Maker of Man, Knowing God is our maker and we are His creation, we also know He is worthy of our love, adoration […]
Topics: Creation

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