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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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How Close Can We Get to Jesus?

Scripture: Psalms 16:11-11
In this sermon How Close Can We Get to Jesus, we go through a list of reasons to follow Jesus. Life was meant to be enjoyable, we were […]

Communion Service

Scripture: Matthew 24:26-30
Communion is something we do because Jesus asked us to do it in remembrance of how He did it for us. We all need to keep our hearts […]
Topics: Communion

The Thief Of Prayer

Scripture: Psalms 3:4-4
In this sermon The Thief Of Prayer, Satan has stolen the most important thing in a Christian life and that is his daily communion with God; we call […]
Topics: Communion, Prayer

Communion Means Mutual Participation

Scripture: Matthew 26:26-29
In this lesson Communion Means Mutual Participation, don’t make his death in vain by stressing what good works we do. Don’t disrespect the death of Jesus by thinking […]
Topics: Communion

Communion With Jesus At The Throne

Scripture: Exodus 25:17-22
In this sermon Communion With Jesus At The Throne, Flesh and blood was the bread and wine of the communion. So eating manna is believing truths of the […]

Fully Processed Bread And Wine -- Not Half-Baked Cakes

Scripture: Genesis 14:18-20
In this sermon Fully Processed Bread And Wine — Not Half-Baked Cakes, You are made Holy as soon as you put the fully processed bread and wine in […]
Topics: Baptism, Communion

You Are What You Eat

Scripture: Romans 6:6-6
In this sermon lesson, we will gain an understanding on what it means to be baptized, and the importance of it. Eating the forbidden fruit meant death. If […]
Topics: Baptism, Communion

Communion To Go

Scripture: John 6:53-56
In this sermon Communion To Go, when you enter a restaurant, and you wish to take the food with you on the road, you take your food “TO […]
Topics: Communion, Death

God Wants To Give You

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 10:16-17
In this sermon God Wants To Give You, we refer often to this Lord’s Supper as COMMUNION. Notice the term UNION in the word communion. We are one […]
Topics: Communion

Communion Service 2

Scripture: Matthew 26:17-17
In this Communion Service 2, picking up the bread, and cup of juice, is supposed to remind us of Jesus. The bread is to remind us of how He […]
Topics: Communion

Because He Lives!

Scripture: Mark 1:16-18
In this sermon Because He Lives, we give thanks to God that we can have purpose and hope for our lives and our eternity. Christ saw your problem […]

A Principle Of Communion – Bread and Betrayal

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 11:23-23
In this sermon A Principle Of Communion, Communion with God is a very weighty issue and invariably where there is communion there will also be betrayal. One of […]

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