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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Scripture: 1 Samuel 13:20-20
In this sermon Uncertainty, is one of the most challenging of all human problems to have to contend with. It is a place of being somewhere in the […]

Checked Your Oil Lately?

Scripture: Matthew 25:1-13
In this lesson Checked Your Oil Lately, oil here is a symbol for a life of faith and a healthy relationship with God. And, as we all know, […]

Lost Signal

Scripture: Romans 15:13-13
If you’re feeling like your connection with God is down, you may have a Lost Signal. It’s time to reconnect. It’s time to get your heart right with […]

There Is A Time To Hang On And A Time To Let Go

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 3:1-9
In this sermon There Is A Time To Hang On And A Time To Let Go, we must have the anointing to fulfill the will of God. We […]

Contrary Or Authentic

Scripture: Leviticus 26:21-21
In this sermon Contrary Or Authentic, what bothers God about us is that sometimes we get so casual about Him that we think the door will always be […]
Topics: Communication

Whatever Happened To Communication?

Scripture: Matthew 12:34-37
In this sermon Whatever Happened To Communication, If we are walking in the light that is Jesus Christ, then we should be having fellowship with one another. For […]

The Bride: From A Garden To A City

Scripture: Genesis 2:8-10
In this sermon The Bride: From A Garden To A City, we’re the Bride, church. We need to develop in spiritual maturity. The key is to understand that […]

Eyes Before And Behind

Scripture: Revelation 4:2-6
In this lesson Eyes Before And Behind, the things that are BEHIND you need to be revealed to you.  You need your BEHIND EYES OPENED. You need to see […]

Under Construction

Scripture: Ephesians 4:11-11
In this sermon Under Construction, we read through several scriptures and discover the importance of the power of prayer. Nehi and a small poor group of gods people […]


Scripture: Psalms 50:23-23
In order for you to have the kind of joy and the life and the peace and the things that will make you an ambassador for Christ. There […]

His Voice

Scripture: Matthew 17:1-5
In this sermon His Voice, words have a way of affecting us. Words can hurt or enliven. They can either bind or release you. Words can strengthen or […]

Learning To Listen To Jesus

Scripture: Jeremiah 13:11-11
In this sermon Learning To Listen To Jesus, we learn what we can do to become better listeners to the Holy Spirit? Listening is the biggest part of […]

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