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Sermon Outlines

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Time To Get Past Here

Scripture: Philippians 3:10-11
In this sermon Time To Get Past Here, we have to leave the things of this world behind, follow His word and move toward His will! Its time […]
Topics: Commitment, Prayer

Sellout For Pentecost

Scripture: Luke 24:49-49
In this sermon Sellout For Pentecost, we learn of a promise that would not only dwell with men, but also be in men. To experience this promise it […]

Dig Deeper

Scripture: Psalms 42:7-7
In this sermon Dig Deeper, once you find the deep experience with God, seal some things off. Don’t let your past cross contaminate your future. Get into your […]

The Three Chairs

Scripture: Judges 2:7-12
In this sermon The Three Chairs, we learn of three maturity levels in the church. Commitment, Compromise, and Conflict. Jesus reserved the first chair for everyone of us, […]

Faith for Fishing

Scripture: Genesis 4:25-26
In this sermon Faith for Fishing, when Jesus gives you a Word, and you act on it, you never act alone. Jesus is with you, helping you. You […]
Topics: Commitment, Faith

Burn A Hole In The Fire

Scripture: Mark 9:17-27
In this sermon Burn A Hole In The Fire, we learn of a wily predator in our society that is working to undermine the authority, the commitment, and […]

A Slave To Second Best

Scripture: Numbers 10:29-31
In this lesson: A Slave To Second Best, one of the biggest things that we have to learn about our physical life and our spiritual life is that […]

Nothing Changes Without Change

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
In this sermon Nothing Changes Without Change, we can try to resist change and stay the way we are. Or, release our resistance to change and be like […]

At A More Convenient Time

Scripture: Acts 24:24-1
In this sermon At A More Convenient Time, God wants us to humble ourselves in his presence, when we do that we are telling the Lord what Paul […]

We Don’t Have Time To Look Back

Scripture: Luke 17:29-33
In this sermon We Don’t Have Time To Look Back, we find ourselves living on the edge because life is not as we want it. We are not […]

The Death Of Conviction

Scripture: 2 Samuel 11:14-17
In this sermon The Death Of Conviction, we learn when we allow sin to wreck our lives and our relationship with God there are some other things that […]

How Much Of God Do We Have? How Much Do We Want?

Scripture: Luke 2:41-49
In this sermon How Much Of God Do We Have? How Much Do We Want, Let’s get addicted to the work of the Lord and let’s stop worrying about […]
Topics: Commitment, Joy, Prayer

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