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I am as Strong as I Have Ever Been

Scripture: Luke 2:40-40
In this lesson I am as Strong as I Have Ever Been, we learn our strength does not come from within. It comes from God. We may be strong, […]

The 4 Gardens of Life

Scripture: Matthew 26:36-35
In this lesson we learn about The 4 Gardens of Life. There is a level of living for God that goes beyond just the ordinary. Anyone can have […]

The Carpenter

Scripture: Mark 6:2-3
In this lesson The Carpenter, Jesus is building  you and me. We’re in his hands and under construction.  His plan is to make us more like him. Satan […]

Break The Box

Scripture: Mark 14:3-8
In this sermon Break The Box, God desires someone who will leave everything else behind to serve Him with their whole hearts. He values commitment. God values commitment […]
Topics: Commitment, Faith

A Shallow Generation

Scripture: Ezekiel 33:31-33
We are living in a generation of shallowness. In this sermon A Shallow Generation we will discover why close to 100 million church members in America are not […]

Suspended Dedication

Scripture: John 10:22-23
In this sermon Suspended Dedication, we grasp that we need to put aside our broken life, repent, and start over. We must lay down that life and say, […]
Topics: Commitment

Peep Hole Jesus

Scripture: Revelation 3:19-20
In this lesson Peep Hole Jesus, we learn God is knocking today for you! Unlock the door! Open the door! Accept what He has to give! Willingly yield […]

God Loves Selfish People

Scripture: Matthew 7:7-7
In this sermon God Loves Selfish People, The Bible instructs us to ask and it shall be given. To seek, and we’ll find, and to knock and it […]


Scripture: Philippians 2:3-3
In this sermon nothing, we learn to let Nothing Holds Us Back from Full Commitment to Jesus Christ. How will we respond to the “Nothings” in the bible? […]
Topics: Commitment, Sin

Let Me Show You Jesus

Scripture: Matthew 5:16-16
In this sermon Let Me Show You Jesus, if we are going to show this world Jesus, it may very well take a whole lot more than what […]

The Weight Of The Cross

Scripture: Philippians 3:17-19
In this sermon The Weight Of The Cross, we learn that the reward is worth the price. The cross meant follow through, going all the way, commitment, whatever […]

I Can Feel Him

Scripture: Acts 17:27-28
In this sermon I Can Feel Him,  We learn one of the enemies biggest weapons is making sin feel good. If sin did not feel good, then so […]
Topics: Commitment
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