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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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In The Chambers Of Imagery

Scripture: Ezekiel 8:7-12
In this lesson In The Chambers Of Imagery, we enter our secret chamber of imagery by choice.  But, there is a time soon coming when we will be […]

Sackcloth Within

Scripture: 2 Kings 6:24-30
In this sermon: Sackcloth Within, we remember that sackcloth often hides beneath the finest clothes. It hides beneath the loftiest of positions, the most educated minds, and the […]
Topics: Commandments

You Must Be Born Again

Scripture: John 3:1-7
In this sermon You Must Be Born Again, Jesus has a message for Nicodemus. He’s hoping that he will take it to the rest of the Pharisees. It’s […]

There Is A King In You

Scripture: 1 Samuel 16:1-5
In this sermon, We learn that we have been chosen. We have been called out as kings and priests.  The Bible says that you are of royal blood. […]

Take God At His Word And Really Live

Scripture: Deuteronomy 4:1-9
In this sermon Take God At His Word And Really Live, we talk about the truths of the New Testament. When your sins are remitted, there is no […]

You Have Been Chosen

Scripture: Exodus 19:1-1
There are so many similarities and parallels between the inceptions of the two covenants of Moses and of  Christ that it is utterly uncanny!  In this message, we will […]

Stick With The One Who Never Failed

Scripture: 1 John 1:1-1
When we refer to the time of the beginning we see what John was referring to. John is written to keep us in the salvation which we will […]

Repairing Broken Altars-Handout

Scripture: 1 Kings 18:22-32
Repairing Broken Altars-Handout is a study guide to help Christians understand what type of condition their altar is in. The Word of God said that Elijah took twelve […]

Repairing Broken Altars-Teacher's Lesson

Scripture: 1 Kings 18:22-32
Repairing Broken Altars-Teacher’s Lesson  is study to help Christians understand what type of condition their altar is in. The Word of God said that Elijah took twelve stones […]

The Evidence Doesn’t Lie

Scripture: Matthew 19:16-22
In lesson The Evidence Doesn’t Lie, we know when there’s a crime committed, there are special crime scene investigators that go to the scene of the crime & […]
Topics: Commandments, Love

Delighted in God

Scripture: Psalms 1:2-2
In this lesson Delighted in God, we learn, the Blessed Man is a happy man because he has found delight in God and His Word.

He Holds The Keys

Scripture: Isaiah 22:20-22
In this lesson He Holds The Keys, we learn Jesus will “unlock” our circumstances if we do the same as those in Philadelphia: (1) use what strength we […]

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