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The Thing Which I Do

Scripture: Genesis 18:17-19
In this sermon The Thing Which I Will Do, we read about Abraham and learn the thing God wants to do exceeds anything we can ever imagine. Is God […]

How To Handle This Thing Called Frustration

Scripture: Ezra 4:4-5
In this sermon How To Handle This Thing Called Frustration, we will examine the scriptures and find heroes of the faith whose emotions ran the gauntlet of D’s […]

The Five E’s of Church Growth

Scripture: Acts 2:40-47
Church growth ought to be second nature for us. I’m afraid we ask the wrong question when it comes to church growth. Too many ask, “what will make […]
Topics: Church Growth

The Innovating Church's Dilemma

Scripture: Luke 6:6-10
We are constantly looking for ways to improve . In The Innovating Church’s Dilemma, much like the way we look at ourselves and see our imperfections, God looks […]

Some Assembly Required

Scripture: Acts 2:41-47
In this sermon Some Assembly Required, we learn of the four essential ingredients to establishing and growing a church. Doctrine, Community, Fellowship, and Spirituality.

Why Me Lord?

Scripture: Isaiah 53:1-11
In this sermon: Why Me Lord, there are many people, today, that need to hear me. When your trial comes, and it will, your reaction will let those […]

How Far Do You Want to Go?

Scripture: 2 Kings 13:14-19
In this sermon How Far Do You Want to Go, the extent of what God will do and how far and fast He will take us, will depend […]

I Am A Seed Sower

Scripture: Luke 8:5-8
In this sermon: I Am A Seed Sower, we will learn what it means to be a seed sower. We have a scriptural mandate to sow seed, not […]

Reading, Writing & Arithmetic

Scripture: Acts 2:41-47
In this sermon: Reading, Writing & Arithmetic, we must quit focusing on numbers, us, or even our circumstances. We must focus on sharing and ministering, and let God […]

Dig Deeper

Scripture: Psalms 42:7-7
In this sermon Dig Deeper, once you find the deep experience with God, seal some things off. Don’t let your past cross contaminate your future. Get into your […]

Unless The Church Is Dead It Will Never Please God

Scripture: Romans 6:11-14
In order for our church to be a living, breathing part of the body of Christ, we must also be a dead church. In order to be a […]

Team Players

Scripture: Acts 8:1-4
In this sermon: Team Players, they say sharks are one of the most popular aquarium fish in the world. Catching a small shark and confining it, it will […]

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