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Sermon Outlines

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The Magnetism of the Finish Line

Scripture: 2 Timothy 4:7-8
In this lesson, The Magnetism of the Finish Line, Every Scripture written in the Word of God is important.  But there seems to be a few that stand […]

Being Blind to the Barriers of Bondage

Scripture: Galatians 5:1-1
In this lesson, we discuss, Being Blind to the Barriers of Bondage. When the Lord is our shepherd, we are led in paths of freedom. Spiritual blindness causes […]

The Power to See it Through

Scripture: 2 Timothy 4:10-10
In this sermon The Power to See it Through, Obviously the qualities which make a good start possible are not identical with the qualities which see life through […]

Are You Called, Have You Been Chosen and Will You Be Faithful

Scripture: Revelation 17:14-14
Are You Called, Have You Been Chosen and Will You Be Faithful? We’ve got to keep watch and live for God like his return will be tomorrow. But […]


Scripture: 2 Samuel 4:4-4
In this sermon,  we read about Mephibosheth who represents the disabled human soul.  We learn that no matter what you think, sin is ghastly disfiguration and hobbling deformity. […]

No Cross Without A Question

Scripture: Matthew 16:24-25
In this lesson, No Cross Without A Question, suffering is a misunderstood concept in Christian living. We mistakenly believe that the Apostles were always victorious over everything instead […]

A Prisoner of Love

Scripture: Romans 6:15-23
In this lesson, A Prisoner of Love, Paul knew what it was like to be a literal “prisoner of the Lord”. He realized that many people, even so-called […]

Walk With God

Scripture: Isaiah 28:9-14
In this lesson, Walk With God, people of this world are misinformed. They think God is all love and no hate or that He is all hate and […]

Flowchart For Christian Living

Scripture: James 1:22-22
In this sermon Flowchart For Christian Living, we will read through many scriptures that help guide us in our walk with God and with Christian living.

Our Apostolic Doctrine

Scripture: Ephesians 2:12-20
In this sermon Our Apostolic Doctrine, it is a must that we as Apostolic’s know who Jesus is. Jesus- the name above every name. Jesus is the revealed […]

The Lord Is at Work

Scripture: Acts 3:12-16
In this sermon The Lord Is at Work, we learn to respond to the move of the Spirit. As leaders, we should show a favorable reaction to God […]

When God Gets Hungry - Handout

Scripture: Isaiah 5:1-4
This is a handout for When God Gets Hungry, to hand out to your congregation. Throughout the bible it seems, God is alway supplying our hunger. Many of […]

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