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Sermon Outlines

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The 4 Gardens of Life

Scripture: Matthew 26:36-35
In this lesson we learn about The 4 Gardens of Life. There is a level of living for God that goes beyond just the ordinary. Anyone can have […]


Scripture: Daniel 9:8-14
In this lesson Beware, it’s a very complex terrain we are traversing in our world these days. Things we encounter along our pathway like people, atmospheres, ideologies, Government decisions, […]

Peep Hole Jesus

Scripture: Revelation 3:19-20
In this lesson Peep Hole Jesus, we learn God is knocking today for you! Unlock the door! Open the door! Accept what He has to give! Willingly yield […]

I Have Decided

Scripture: Joel 3:14-14
In this lesson I Have Decided, It’s important to know that you are the only one who can make this decision. Do you desire change in your life? […]

I Choose To Be A Christian

Scripture: 1 Kings 21:1-4
In this lesson, we learn everything in life comes down to our free will to choose. The choice between what we do and who we are. I choose […]
Topics: Choices

I’ve Come Too Far To Settle For So Little

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 2:9-10
In this lesson I’ve Come Too Far To Settle For So Little, You don’t know what God wants for you until you get into the Spirit. If you […]

The Privilege Of Pentecost

Scripture: Isaiah 33:15-17
Often times we can view our religion as more of a burden than a privilege. In this lesson: The Privilege Of Pentecost, we grasp that you are not […]

A Famine By Choice

Scripture: Amos 8:11-12
In this lesson A Famine By Choice, we must make a choice to end the “Famine” of God’s Word in our life. Hearing is not just an issue […]

When You Have Done All You Can Do

Scripture: Exodus 14:13-14
In this lesson: When You Have Done All You Can Do, we learn that we need to stop being like Naomi. In the book of Ruth, standing in […]

Nothing Has Changed If You Haven’t Changed

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
In this lesson Nothing Has Changed If You Haven’t Changed, we will be referring back to scripture. We are going to be dealing with the change.  The statement “Change […]
Topics: Choices, Faith

Personal Mastery

Scripture: Exodus 32:18-18
Personal Mastery involves learning to keep both a personal vision and a clear picture of current reality before us. This generates creative tension between where we are and […]
Topics: Choices, Vision

Knowing Where You Go

Scripture: Genesis 1:27-27
In this lesson Knowing Where You Go, we learn that we take what has been given to us for granted. The sole purpose that we were created here […]
Topics: Choices, Direction

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