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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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A Shallow Generation

Scripture: Ezekiel 33:31-33
We are living in a generation of shallowness. In this sermon A Shallow Generation we will discover why close to 100 million church members in America are not […]

Why People Resist Change

Scripture: Acts 7:51-51
In this sermon Why People Resist Change, we repeatedly discover, in the Gospels and Acts the Pharisees resisted change. They refused to leave their traditions and the Pharisees […]

The Innovating Church's Dilemma

Scripture: Luke 6:6-10
We are constantly looking for ways to improve . In The Innovating Church’s Dilemma, much like the way we look at ourselves and see our imperfections, God looks […]

The Gorilla In The Room

Scripture: Luke 10:26-26
Some people are so busy following the rules that they don’t see it. The Gorilla in the Room. Let’s start small, Let’s stop to change the tire of […]

Unless The Church Is Dead It Will Never Please God

Scripture: Romans 6:11-14
In order for our church to be a living, breathing part of the body of Christ, we must also be a dead church. In order to be a […]

The Heart Must Be Hot

Scripture: Psalms 39:3-3
In this sermon The Heart Must be Hot, the most dangerous thing that can happen to a church is for it to become lukewarm. Lukewarm churches become places […]

Holding Onto The Head

Scripture: Ephesians 4:14-18
In this sermon Holding Onto The Head, we know Jesus is the head of the body. The body of Jesus is the church. But what does he mean […]

Steer Away from the Drift

Scripture: Acts 20:28-31
In this sermon Steer Away from the Drift, We must be careful we do not become like the men Paul met at Athens. They were “very religious” and […]

Is My Church Drifting?

Scripture: Acts 20:28-31
Is My Church Drifting? Just a two degree shift in doctrine and convictions can cause change for the worse, pulling the church away from God. And a two […]

From Pentecost to Problems

Scripture: Acts 6:1-1
From Pentecost to Problems.  Once Pentecost happened, people were added to the church daily. A great revival was in progress. Pentecost produced people coming into the church. One […]

Apostolic Order

Scripture: Ephesians 4:11-12
Apostolic revival comes in the midst of apostolic order. Much of the reason for the chaos and division we suffer is due (in part) to the lack of […]

If The Church Would Just Pray

Scripture: Acts 12:15-15
If the Church Would Just Pray!  We find something taking place that seems to be missing in many churches today – that is church members praying for church […]

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