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The Thankful

Scripture: Psalms 100:4-4
In this lesson The Thankful, The Bible sets unthankful people apart from thankful people. It lets us know that to be unthankful is a sin, a grievous sin, […]

Kill The Lion and Pass Out The Honey

Scripture: Judges 14:5-9
In this lesson Kill The Lion and Pass Out The Honey, Sometimes we need to collect the spoils of our battles. Honey is being made right now in […]

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Scripture: Proverbs 23:7-7
A lot of people don’t realize that God blesses people according to their efforts. In this lesson Who Wants to be a Millionaire,  Scripture shows us that God […]

A Strange Text For Comfort

Scripture: Matthew 10:25-25
The highest compliment that anyone can have come in their direction is that they are “Christ-like.”  That is the most noble of all ideals of the world to […]

You Have More Favor Than You Think

Scripture: Exodus 3:7-21
In this sermon You Have More Favor Than You Think, we are reminded that all we have to do is wait on the lord. The bible says they […]

The Royalty Benefit Package

Scripture: Psalms 68:11-20
In this lesson The Royalty Benefit Package, we must ask who is Royalty? The promises & benefits of God are not for everybody. He has already kicked a […]

Where Do Our Blessings Come From?

Scripture: Matthew 5:1-3
In this lesson Where Do Our Blessings Come From, be glad in who you are and rejoice that you get to serve an awesome God! Jesus was letting […]

God Knows Me!

Scripture: Psalms 139:1-10
If you have ever suffered in any way whatsoever I want you to know God knows. In this lesson, we learn that God knows where we are. He […]

For All the Wrong Reasons

Scripture: Genesis 32:9-12
In this lesson For All the Wrong Reasons In the Book of Genesis, we read of the sons of Isaac, Jacob and Esau. Jacob’s name meant “deceiver”, and […]

This Mountain

Scripture: Matthew 17:14-21
In this lesson The Mountain, everyone will hear the same message, but everyone here will hear something different.  The reason is because everyone here has a different mountain. […]

Two Kinds Of Spies: How Do You Check Into God's Will?

Scripture: Numbers 13:1-2
In this lesson Two Kinds of Spies, through scripture  we learn both parties had their chance to cross Jordan. We compare the Red Sea that the older generation […]

God Wants You To Be Both Blessed, And To Retain Your Blessings

Scripture: Genesis 50:24-26
In this lesson God Wants You To Be Both Blessed, And To Retain Your BlessingsGod wants to give salvation to the world. But he also wants us to […]

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