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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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The Power Of Atonement Union

Scripture: Ezekiel 11:17-23
Like Adam entering back into the Garden and plucking fruit of life from the Tree of Life’s branch. Jesus entered the Holiest and took the sealed book from […]

The Feast Of Tabernacles (The Goal For Christ's Church In This World)

Scripture: Leviticus 23:34-43
In this lesson The Feast Of Tabernacles, teaches us to lay aside all carnal fussings. Allow God to build us up into a house. As though the wilderness […]

Swords, Cherubim And Dirt

Scripture: Genesis 3:14-15
In this lesson Swords, Cherubim And Dirt, God has not brought us back into an actual floral Garden with a physical River. But the relationship God had with […]
Topics: Bible History

The Spirit is Moving in the Valley, Too

Scripture: 1 Samuel 17:1-11
In this lesson The Spirit is Moving in the Valley Too, We take a look back into bible history. We learn it was in a valley that Goliath, […]

The First Curse-Free Birth

Scripture: Genesis 3:13-13
In this lesson, The First Curse-Free Birth, Genesis gives us the account of how womankind was cursed to suffer pain in childbirth. We learn if we are children […]
Topics: Bible History

The New Exodus

Scripture: Exodus 1:7-14
In this lesson The New Exodus, we learn what the perfect will of God for your life is. Simply realize that God initiates the work in that will […]
Topics: Bible History

The Giving Of The Revelation Of Jesus Christ

Scripture: Luke 24:30-35
In this lesson The Giving Of The Revelation Of Jesus Christ, we’ve shown you that is a Law of God and principle that whenever he takes, he blesses, […]
Topics: Bible History

From Half-Way To Perfect

Scripture: Genesis 17:1-4
In this Lesson, From Half-Way To Perfect, God’s Word to Abram after many years of first speaking to him was “BE PERFECT.” We go back into bible history […]

Arks and Watery Barriers

Scripture: Revelation 4:2-2
In this sermon Arks and Watery Barriers, We look back at bible history and learn Jesus died instead of you so you could enter past the barrier. You […]

The Thessalonian Example

Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 1:1-7
In this sermon The Thessalonian Example, Paul described the Thessalonians as people who had the faith that works through their lives. When Paul came to preach the Gospel […]
Topics: Bible History

The Scriptural Use of Tokens in the Church

Scripture: Acts 19:11-12
This ouline on The Scriptural Use of Tokens in the Church, teaches us the use of different symbols and tokens.  God allows symbols or tokens to be used […]

A Look At Three Generations

Scripture: Acts 2:40-40
In this sermon A Look At Three Generations, when a church moves toward the first generation, it’s called a red-hot, on fire, revival church. As a church moves […]

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