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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Why Buy the Ticket When You're Not Going to Ride the Train

Scripture: Matthew 13:20-22
Why Buy the Ticket When You’re Not Going to Ride the Train. There are a lot of people that start the race but never finish. Some might say […]
Topics: Backsliding

Without Spot or Wrinkle

Scripture: Ephesians 5:27-27
A spotted garment represents SIN in the Bride. But a wrinkle is merely a place where the garment has remained in one place too long and become marked […]
Topics: Backsliding, Sin

Hecklers of the Holy

Scripture: 2 Chronicles 36:15-16
A heckler is someone who harasses and tries to disconcert someone with questions and challenges, or baits someone.  It implies persistent interruptive questioning of a speaker in order […]
Topics: Backsliding

When Your Heart Becomes An Ark Of The Covenant

Scripture: Hebrews 1:1-2
In this sermon When Your Heart Becomes An Ark Of The Covenant, If we cannot keep God’s ways, then it is because His law is not yet in […]


Scripture: Hosea 4:16-16
In this sermon, we will discuss what causes backsliding, the courses of backsliding, and the consequences of backsliding. If you are backslidden, come to Jesus today, and confess […]


Scripture: 2 Samuel 4:4-4
In this sermon,  we read about Mephibosheth who represents the disabled human soul.  We learn that no matter what you think, sin is ghastly disfiguration and hobbling deformity. […]

The Enemies of Man

Scripture: Matthew 3:1-12
There are Enemies of Man who want to ensure our destruction. They want us to think they are our friends. In this sermon, we find out who our […]

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