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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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When God Comes As A Moth

Scripture: Hosea 5:12-12
In this lesson, When God Comes As A Moth, the bible says, God will come to his people like a moth. A moth is a little insect, it […]

Adjustable Jesus

Scripture: Luke 1:26-31
In this sermon Adjustable Jesus, we sometimes act like he’s a Jesus that we can influence to be what we want him to be, instead of a resurrected […]

What It Means To Be Accountable

Scripture: Romans 14:9-12
In this sermon, we will learn what it means to be accountable spiritually, and prepare ourselves for judgment day. Nothing is more important than where you place yourself […]

It’s Accounting Time

Scripture: Revelation 20:11-11
In this Sermon, we’re reminded that a day of accountability is coming, except this time it will be before God. As we read through the scriptures, we see […]

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