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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Eyes of Doves or Eyes of Horses?

Scripture: Song of Solomon 1:15-15
In this lesson, Eyes of Doves or Eyes of Horses, most believers live lives of barely hanging on! For many, being a conqueror is only a song. Being […]

Don't Sleep Your Life Away

Scripture: Song of Solomon 7:9-9
Don’t Sleep Your Life Away. If we are not awake, we are unable to perform, cannot fight the enemy, defend ourselves, or see the signs of the time. […]
Topics: Revival

Small Stuff

Scripture: Song of Solomon 2:15-15
In this sermon Small Stuff, if we become faithful in just this small stuff, the Lord will give us something greater. Small Stuff that on first glance looks […]
Topics: Faith, Obedience

A Fortress of Silver and Cedar

Scripture: Song of Solomon 8:8-9
In this sermon: A Fortress of Silver and Cedar, we’re reminded that we have responsibility to support, love, disciple and nourish each other. God is bringing us into […]
Topics: Church Growth

Real Change For Relationships and Family

Scripture: Song of Solomon 8:6-6
In this sermon Real Change For Relationships and Family, we learn of four things we must do as a family to make a journey together towards God’s will. […]

Devaluing Christianity

Scripture: Song of Solomon 4:1-3
In this lesson, Devaluing Christianity, God gives the kind of salvation to people that is so extensive. It’s so profound, that many, many people simply do not grasp […]

Quench not the Spirit

Scripture: Song of Solomon 8:6-7
In this sermon Quench not the Spirit, Our world is full of very fragile loves … love that abandons, love that fades, love that divorces, love that is self-seeking. […]

Those Cute Little Foxes!

Scripture: Song of Solomon 2:15-15
This May Seem Foolish To You Tonight, But It’s The Repercussions Of A Loss Of The Small Things That Result In The Gargantuan Lose Of The IMPORTANT Things!
Topics: Sin, Trials

When a Little Becomes a Lot

Scripture: Song of Solomon 2:15-15
In this sermon When a Little Becomes a Lot, We are familiar with this term “When a little becomes a lot” because we think this is the way […]
Topics: Direction, Prayer

Courtship of the Bride

Scripture: Song of Solomon 1:1-4
No matter the interpretation chosen, the love of Christ for His Church remains the strongest theme of the book. In this lesson: Courtship of the Bride, The Song […]

Return, Return, Return, Return

Scripture: Song of Solomon 6:13-13
The book of Acts gives us some things that we need to Return to again to get back on track if we are expecting to see some of […]

Destroyed By Distraction

Scripture: Song of Solomon 2:14-16
In this sermon Destroyed By Distraction, Ultimately we know there is nothing, small or large that can destroy us unless we allow it to. Devastating experiences could make […]
Topics: Obedience, Trust

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